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Another graphics prompting question

Another graphics prompting question


Can anyone explain how I can avoid this behavior (which currently happens with Epic 4.3):

1. Open a document in a doctype whose instance.acl file contains:

set promptgraphicbrowser=off

2. Select Options->Preferences and click "Save and Update Current Settings".

3. Open your Epic preferences file in NotePad and you'll see that command is now added to your preferences.

This is bad and seems counter to the notion of having certain things apply to only certain doctypes. Am I missing something? Is there a way to permanently disable this behavior? Interestingly, there's no way in the Preferences interface of removing or reversing that added line (we've found that true of some other instance.acl commands, by the way).


Dave Hintz
EDS PLM Solutions
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Re: Another graphics prompting question

In Epic 4.4, things have become so streamlined that the epic.wcf file gets updated automatically without having to take any extra actions (the "Save and Update Current Settings" button does not exist) I would say that this actually is configurable by doctype. It's just that it appears that if you use this comand in *ONE* doctype, you must put set promptgraphicbrowser={on|off} commands in *EVERY* doctype that you use, if you want them to be different.

Re: Another graphics prompting question


Just venturing a WAG (Wild A***d Guess) on this. The Epicprefs.acl file,
as we all know, applies to any and all documents. When I look at the
various set commands that can be run through the command line, the prefs
file, or a script, I see some that might cause Epic some problems if they
changed in mid stream (i.e. you have two edit windows open, with different
DOCTYPES and different 'preferences' or set commands running).

It could be that set commands that must be universal wind up in the
preferences file. Another possibility is that any set command that changes
the default value will appear in the preferences file, even if it is later
overridden by a command line or script call.

You might want to try this from the command line and see what happens. It
is the Options command (help 928-1) and you may see a value different than
what the preferences file has set.

eval option("promptgraphicbrowser")

Or try this one

eval preference("promptgraphicbrowser")
(help 565-1) which returns the same value.

I played with this just for a minute or two. I have this set to off (the
default is on) in my prefs file. When I ran the option command right after
opening Epic (no file opened), it read the value in the prefs file. When I
changed the value from the command line, the option showed the change. I
exited Epic, but the prefs file did not show a change in the set command.


P.S. Epic 4.4 users the epicprefs.acl is replaced by the epic.wcf file, see
the preferences changes topic in the release notes.