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Arbortext 5.1 is now available!


Arbortext 5.1 is now available!


As part of Arbortext's commitment to continual product improvement, we
are pleased to deliver the Arbortext 5.1 product release. The 5.1
release introduces support for DITA, a pending standard at OASIS, and
also includes improvements to E3, Styler, DCAM and Epic Editor. For more
information about DITA, please visit our web site at

DITA support
* Five new document types - Topic, Task, Reference, Concept, Ditabase -
have been added in support of DITA to allow authors to create content
based on the DITA methodology
* To support DITA's non-standard table models, simpletable, choicetable
and properties, we've introduced support for Custom Tables (sometimes
also referred to as "semantic tables")
* Support for DITA's inclusion method, conref, for including content
from another file
* Support for the specialization capability of DITA so that you can use
a single stylesheet to control the style of Topic, Task, Concept,
Reference and other specializations.

We've also made improvements to many of our products. This release
provides the following key improvements over the 5.0 release:

* With the introduction of Custom Table support, users have the ability
to select tags that display as tables
* Numerous usability improvements including help with creating XPath
expressions, no style support within Style Helper, undo/redo buttons on
the toolbar, column sort on elements, and much more

* Viewing available targets within the current document is now presented
in a familiar tree structure, reflecting the order they appear in the
* Users now have the capability of searching for a link target within
the insert link dialog; the Insert Links dialog box now lists search
targets in the repository, which allows the author to select the desired
target from the search results
* Additional option for DCAM repository with support for Microsoft SQL

Epic Editor
* Users can specify their own markup for displaying content in a table
format. Basic operations like inserting a table, inserting or deleting
rows can be performed on Custom Tables
* Added a documentation menu item from the Help menu item to provide
access to PDF versions of available documentation, including:
- Release Notes
- Installation and Licensing
- Getting Started
- Customizer's Guide
- Programmer's Guide
- Content Pipeline Programmer's Guide
* Eliminated previous release notes from online help to eliminate
confusion with search results. Full release notes will continue to be
available in PDF version.
* Introduced a repository adapter for Documentum WDK

* We continue to improve our support for XSL-FO with the addition of
XSL-FO side regions
* Expanded the use of the layout file for use with applications using
* Improved our support for production print work with the support for
crop marks in PDF.

Arbortext 5.1 is now available on our support site, and you are able to
download the release or request that a CD be sent to you. If you are
not yet registered at this site, we encourage you to register today. To
register on our support site, go to and
click on the "register" link. Fill out the necessary information and we
will email your login information as soon as you are set up.

We are very pleased to bring you this new release. If you have any
questions, please contact your local account representative or contact
our Ann Arbor offices via phone at +1 734.997.0200 or via email at

We appreciate your continuing support.

Mike Sundquist
Product Marketing Manager
+1 734.327.6036 - phone
+1 734.623.6109 - fax