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Arbortext 5.3


Arbortext 5.3

Hi Adepters
Can anyone please tell me what are the new features in Arbortext 5.3 which
will release in Dec 21 2006?


There is a press release coming out on Monday, November 13.

I heard that there will be a lot of nice new features in Editor (and
elsewhere in the product line) that will support DITA. Those features
will work with other document types as well.

There are a few other features coming too...


Thanks PG.

I am also wondering Is webtop 5.3SP3 Documentum adapter will be included in
Arbortext Editor 5.3?


Yes, it will.


I just took a look at the list of 5.3 features and in addition to the
DITA-related features, here are the main areas of improvement:

* Editor is twice as fast when opening documents with large tables

* Editor is up to 25x faster when displaying large tables

* Publishing Engine's Import/Export capability can capture text from PDF
files (we call this "text capture" instead of "PDF import" because it is
NOT as powerful as Word import); there are some other improvements to
Import too, including the map editor and Word import

* Several improvements to Styler including XPath support for numbering
and improvements to custom table support

* Print composition improvements including: option to add rules to
bottom of table rows when the row breaks across pages; smaller PDF file
size when using PE's "Direct-to-PDF" feature; improvements to PE's
support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean

* Many Publishing Engine improvements; they fall into the following
categories: debugging, stylesheets, subprocess initialization, VBScript
support and documentation

* Publishing Engine will be backwards-compatible with Editor;
specifically PE 5.3 F000 will work with Editor 5.2 M030 and later; this
will let customers upgrade PE and gradually upgrade their Editors
instead of upgrading everything at once

* We made a significant extra investment in improving product quality in
order to work down the list of open bugs

* There are many other smaller refinements in this release...


P.S. To see the new Editor features in support of DITA, especially
Resource Manager and Column View, you can look at the screen shots in
this white paper (warning -- registration may be required):

WOW those are some impressive numbers for those "spawns of Satan". What
in the world did you guys do to get such a significant improvement?

Now to go to the PTC web site and see how many of my open cases are being
closed. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you folks who will be celebrating it (and I
am not PC [that's POLITICALLY CORRECT, not a Personal Computer]).


In the current product, Arbortext Editor creates a screen representation
of each table in its entirety before displaying it. In the 5.3 release,
it will create just enough to fill a screen.

makes good sense, that is a lot of processing. How does jumping around in
the table or scrolling through it look? (you don't have to answer this
one, but it will be a point people are interested in).