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Arbortext Editor 5.3 M020: OutputProperties


Arbortext Editor 5.3 M020: OutputProperties

Has anyone seen a context warning that warns the following?

Turning context rules on would cause <outputproperties> to be out of

The instance opens and appears to be valid. Context Rules are on and
all seems well.

Anyone have experience with this issue?

Thank you,



It is a complaint about your stylesheet. There is a known bug in some
versions of Styler, sorry I don't know the exact versions, where we
could write out a stylesheet that was invalid according to the DTD for
Styler. As I remember it, it is pretty easy to open the stylesheet as an
instance and see the issue if you need to repair the stylesheet.

I believe this bug is fixed in the upcoming M040 drop but I don't
remember if it got fixed earlier than that as well.

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC

Is anyone else annoyed with PTC announcements that only pertain to
the CAD products? I want to receive updates and announcements about
Arbortext products and demonstrations, but I don't need the what
seems like weekly postings about the CAD products.

It seems their sales operation is only setup for manufacturing
businesses and they don't want my publication/software direct
business, I would like the same option when it comes to PTC announcements.

Right now email options are all or nothing for the product line. I
want to receive announcements about Arbortext products, PTC how about
at least splitting the mailings into Publishing and Manufacturing
categories? Or maybe the underlying message here is that Arbortext is
a side business and there are no announcements unless it relates to
manufacturing and CAD tools.

Anyone else wondering if they are backing the wrong horse these days?
Maybe my co-workers going to XMetaL isn't such a bad thing after all?



Thanks John.