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Arbortext environment settings - where?


Arbortext environment settings - where?

I'm trying to locate where Arbortext stores the various setting on
the Advance Preferences dialog. I thought this used to be the
APTRCFILE when it was the \lib\adept.cmd file, but in looking at 5.3
I see this is now \lib\init.acl and I don't see any of the variables
listed. I know I can set these in my own environment or startup file,
I' trying to find where Arbortext normally manages them. I also
checked the registry and I don't see any entries there.

I'm also looking for the set protection value. I see it still
documented in the Help file but it doesn't appear in this dialog (its
one of the values I want to find and manage and make sure a user
doesn't change).


In a running copy of the Editor, select in the menus "Help | About
Arbortext Editor | Session". Somewhere on the resulting dialog should be
a line about Preferences File.

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC

I had found that the other day but it didn't seem to have what I was
looking for. I see now I was thrown off by the fact most of its
window geometry and stuff and it is only storing the values that I
change or the system updates like filelist.