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Booklet Printing on 11x17 Size Pages


Booklet Printing on 11x17 Size Pages

We deliver electronic documents to a final print shop that uses 11x17 size paper to print the document in booklet format. We are delivering a normal electronic document with 8.5x11 pages with all of those pages in normal sequential order. They are wondering if we can have Arbortext render the document to an 11x17 page size with 2 pages per sheet and the pages ordered appropriately for booklet printing. The paging ordering is different because the 11x17 pages are put on top of each other, folded in half, and stapled down the middle. The pages then have to be in the appropriateorder for how you would normally flip through a booklet or magazine. Does anyone know if Arbortext accomodates this kind of page format and pagination without having to custom code it all using ACL?


Hi Dan,

I think it may be more difficult to lay out your Arbortext composition in
booklet order than to use a PDF manipulation application to manipulate the
pages (e.g. PitStop allows preflighting and editing of PDF files). I'm not
sure how automated of a solution you're looking for...

There is probably a host of tools to evaluate at some PDF-oriented web

07/12/2007 09:13 AM
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[adepters] - Booklet Printing on 11x17 Size Pages



Seems like I have seen some printers that can do this. I believe it is
called a "pamphlet" or 'User guide" setting in proprieties for the
printer driver. I hope this screen shot goes through:

I wish you luck,

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Thanks for the feedback, Jason. I agree with you that it will probably
be easier to do this outside of Arbotext composition. We looked into
doing some custom ACL coding, but I think we could develop a solution
more quickly with a PDF API or the plethora of other PDF tools out
there. Our print shop is actually doing this for us now. They are the
ones that wanted us to find out if we could do this before sending them
the final document. It sounds like our best options are to use PDF tools
to manipulate the document generated by Arbortext or let the print shop
continue to do the modifications required for booklet printing.