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Catalog proliferation


Catalog proliferation


I am transitioning from Epic version 4.2.3 to version 5.1A and I have a
problem with the way the new version places catalogs. For some reason
the new Epic is putting catalogs in each folder where it is used instead
of using a central catalog like the old version did.

Is there a way to stop this behavior? The APTCATPATH variable points to
the doctypes directory, and I seem to remember that there used to be a
way to make Epic use a specific filename as a catalog. I've looked
through archive posts without finding it.

Teach me about catalogs,


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Re: Catalog proliferation

I've noticed some similar behavior, and I'm not sure what triggers it.

We have our APTCUSTOM set, and the catalog file resides at custom/doctypes.
When I go to "install" a doctype, I've noticed that it always asks for a
public ID. When you click OK, it either contains the current public ID (it
found it in the catalog), or it's blank and I have to fill it out (didn't
find the catalog), and it's usually under this second circumstance that I
have noticed "rogue" catalog files showing up inside our custom doctype
directories. As far as I know, when the custom dir loads, it prepends
catalogs from any subdirs of custom/doctypes, and then prepends the catalog
file at the root of custom/doctypes, so I can't say it's ever caused a
problem, just an annoyance.

On the other hand, I rarely use the "install" function in architect to
update a doctype. I usually just move the changed file over and
compile_doctype, and under this circumstance, i've never ended up with an
extra catalog.


Re: Catalog proliferation

Epic still has a central catalog. It is $APTPATH/doctypes/catalog.
Actually, this catalog is the root of a catalog tree. In this catalog
(either 4.2.3 or 5.1A), there are lines like this:

CATALOG "axdocbook/catalog"

to include other catalogs.

Maybe I don't understand your question, Andy, but I suspect catalog
support hasn't been changed much since 4.2.3.


Re: Catalog proliferation

A colleague just explained to me that I did misunderstand your question.
Sorry about that, Andy. Jason's reply was on the target.