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Change tracking and XIncluded files


Change tracking and XIncluded files

I've inherited a bunch of files that use a series of nested xinclude
files. Within these files change tracking has been used. I've found
several anomalies and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
Note I haven't confirmed how these files got into this shape, I'm just
trying to work with them.

1) I've noticed that when opening these files that Context Rules are on,
but no violations have been reported. If I do a Check Completness this
will tell me that the content is wrong and turn off Context Rules. this is
probably a speedup feature, but it is problematic in this case.

2) Some of the nested included files had edits with change tracking on.
The change markup was added to the nested file but the namespace was not
declared to keep that nested file valid when it is edited or processed
indvidually. Editor seems to have no problem with this even though I'm
lead to believe this isn't valid XInclude functionality.

3) Maybe related to 2, but some of my XIncludes were edited out and placed
in change markup. On loading the parent (including) file, I will get a
message that the files are not found. It happens that my files are also
nested in several folders. The file location is reported based upon the
parent file and no the location of the file that was actually doing the
inclusion where the file was in the same folder. This causes 2 issues, one
the error message is useless (as the files did exist) and secondarily that
the Delete change markup was not recognized. These files should never have
been processed or referenced. This doesn't seem to cause a problem, but it
does produce a set of warnings/errors when first reading in the file.

4) I'm building yet another level of nesting to bring these files
together. I'm finding the process to be very slow. I thought the issue was
that I had complex (IPB) tables that were being included together. I
thought it was the combination of XInclude and tables, but it appears that
its the Change Markup that was contributing a significant amount of
processing time.

5) I found that XInclude controls operate different than File entities.
What I found was that the View File entities and View Included objects
work differently, even though I expected them to be the same. For included
objects there is no way to globally close all objects and for File
entities there is no way to hide/display individual entities. Now that I
have seen both sets of functionality I want them both (for file entities
and XIncludes) but bottomline I think these should function the same
whatever set of functionality is chosen.

Have you seen these problems? Have you seen others? Have you developed any
best practices for the use of Change tracking and/or XIncludes?