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Char Entity Resolution - Save-As-HTML

Char Entity Resolution - Save-As-HTML

Hello All -

I am having some problems with resolving some character entities when saving
as HTML. I have looking in the archive and help but can not figure this out

I am using Epic 4.1F with SGML documents that conform to our custom DTD for
Technical Manuals and the ati-default SGML declaration (ati-dflt.dcl). The
DTD references the ArborText ISO Character Sets (PUBLIC
"-//ArborText::dist//ENTITIES ISO Character Entity Sets::19970805//EN"
"../entities/all-iso.gml"). We have a mature FOSI for formatting this
information. I can Compose PDF without error and all char entities are
represented in the PDF with the appropriate glyph.

However, when using the Save-As-HTML, certain char entities, such as
"square" (#x25A1), are not converted to a numeric reference in the HTML
output. That is, for a document that uses both "infin" (the infinity
symbol) and "square", the "infin" entity is changed appropriately to ∞
but "square" is just □ in the HTML output. And my HTML browsers
don't know how to represent □. Not surprisingly, the set of char
entities that do not convert are the same set that Epic, using my FOSI, does
not represent on the screen nor in the Epic Editor Insert Symbol window as
the glyph.

I am hoping that there is some magic pref setting that I use to overcome
this or failing that a better understanding of how Epic resolves char

Regards, David
"david" dot "g" dot "maltby" at "lmco" dot "com"
LMSSC-MSO, Cocoa Beach, FL

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Re: Char Entity Resolution - Save-As-HTML


Take a look at the file [epic]\lib\

This will give you an understanding of how Epic resolves character
entities. You might consider customizing this file--see this
Help topic:

Customizing and configuring Epic =>
Using characters from non-default character sets =>
Changing character entity definitions

If you can find a unicode glyph that you want mapped to &square,
you should be able to make that happen in a custom
&square is by default mapped to an AMS character set that doesn't
have unicode mappings.


Re: Char Entity Resolution - Save-As-HTML

Those with more rigorous language habits than I have pointed out that
there's no such thing as a "unicode glyph." My advice stands, but
not my terminology 😉


Re: Char Entity Resolution - Save-As-HTML

Paul -

Language issues aside, your advice was the ticket. I now have my own custom
version of and reference it with APTCHENTPATH.

Thanks much, David