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Citrix and Epic Segment 11


Citrix and Epic Segment 11

Hello Adepters.

We are currently in the process of upgrading one of our Citrix server to the latest version of Citrix and Windows 20003 server, everything seems to be working fine with the exception of one of our ACL functions.

The function in question copies the current selection and pastes it into a newly created edit window. A FOSI is applied to the new document and then it is printed and the new window closed.

That sounds all nice and simple but...
What is printed is not printed correctly, it is printed close to the centre of the page vertically, and runs of the side of the page, horizontally. It is using the local PC printer drivers.

When the new window is destroyed (using window_destroy) Epic throws a "segment violation (signal 11)". If I do not set "modified" flag to off, whichever button I click on the "save document" dialog I get a "Galaxy Debug" error of "_vexPopHandler: corrupt stack: call from undefined_tag: vevent.c, 3641 attempted to pop non-top most handler: Terminated."

The only other server which I can get this to fail on is running Windows 2000 with service pack 4, all the servers which it works on are running Windows 2000 but have not had SP 4 installed.
This function has worked for over 7 years on various version of Adept/Epic and Windows.

We are using Epic 4.3.1
Has anybody had similar problems before?



Solving a segment 11 violation is never easy.

The Galaxy error is from software Arbortext used several years ago to
program, debug and compile the Epic executable. As I recall, they are no
longer using it. Also, in the not to distant future, Epic 4.3.1 will no
longer be supported by PTC. Making a resolution of any future problems
even more difficult.

The obvious looking problem is that something in Server 2000 SP 4 or later
is causing Epic to crash. Basically a Segment 11 is Epics way of saving
the OS when Epic tries to do something the OS does not allow. What these
things are is fairly limitless.

If you have a maintenance agreement with PTC and have access to a later
version of Epic, you might find a test machine, install a later
(preferably the latest) version of Epic and see what happens. If it still
crashes, then I'd start looking at your code. But if it is something from
the older compiled files, then you may be okay.

Given the age of 4.3.1, even if you find the problem and it is in the Epic
code, I seriously doubt you will see a fix. You may get a work around or
you may be forced to upgrade Epic.

Sorry, not much help, but resolving a segment 11 takes time and patience
(amongst other things). If you have ever done any troubleshooting then
that will help. Just approach the problem logically. Add some debug code
to your scripts and see where you are just before you crash. Look at the
last run code, then run the next sequence. Try running a function at a
time from the command line. Then when you finally crash, really start
debugging the last script run. Of course, it could be a combination of
things already done just coming together.

Do not try to fix all the problems at one time. Work one issue at a time.
They may be related, but approach the segment 11 as one problem and the
Galaxy error as another.

Good luck.