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Digest from Adepters


Digest from Adepters

This is a digest of messages posted to Adepters.

Batch printing issue with Epic 5.1

Initial message

Posted by Pierre CHATEIL on 09:40am Nov 2, 2005 (apparently)

Posted via email

Hello adepters.

We use batch files to print huge numbers of sgml files.

When we used Epic 4.2.1, we set the printer default

print options to recto/verso, then used that command :

"C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Epic\bin\epic.exe"

-c "print allpasses force wait" "C:\Document\template.sgm"

With Epic 5.1, the same command with the same printer

does not print recto/verso.

(the default print options did not change)

When we open a document, and use the print composed menu,

the print output works as expected.

Obviously, something changed with the print command,

but is that a bug, or an undocumented change ?


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DCAM - Documentum integration

Message #3

Posted by pnagai on 07:52pm Nov 2, 2005 (apparently)

Posted via email

[I think
this got lost in the listchanges earlier this week... sorry if this
is a repeat.]

face="Century Schoolbook">


face="Century Schoolbook">

We initially
deployed DCAM in its infancy, pre-5.0 code. This means we had lots of fun.

face="Century Schoolbook">

At this
time, our production systems are still running a patched version of 5.0. We are
on the verge of deploying 5.1. Many of the bugs in 5.0 have been fixed, or are
reported to have been fixed (we're still testing), in 5.1. That said, we are
looking forward a great deal to significant usability enhancements (things
authors care about) in 5.2. This close to that release (even if it slips again
from the currently reported December delivery), I would not recommend deploying
now at the 5.1 level (unless the promised usability is withdrawn from the 5.2

face="Century Schoolbook">

When you say
"provider of Arbortext" I assume you are talking about a third-party VAR? I am
not aware of a change in Arbortext strategy around deploying DCAM, but there
could have been one I didn't catch since we have been a DCAM site since before
it was generally available ... anyhow, that strategy requires Arbortext
consulting services. If your VAR doesn't know how it works, I would be very
careful about your DCAM requirements and specification. Very careful. Did I say,

face="Century Schoolbook">

We have not
had any DCAM problems resulting from Documentum versioning documents, chunks,
virtual documents, or anything like that. There were some problems pasting
object references (copied from Arbortext's Documentum Adapter), but they were
not fatal, we found work-arounds, and these problems are resolved in

face="Century Schoolbook">

I'm not sure
what you mean by "duplicate registration of Documents."

face="Century Schoolbook">Paul Nagai

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