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FOSI occurrence (was Repost of previous message)


FOSI occurrence (was Repost of previous message)

FOSI occurrence applies to the parent element. I think a version of the "do-it-once" or "every-nth" techniques may be what you need. Type help 11989 at the command line to see the "Pseudo-elements" help and search itfor "do-it-once" and "every-nth."

Good Luck!

Suzanne Napoleon

In a message dated 8/18/2006 12:38:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, - writes:

I'm actually trying to fix a styler sheet that has FOSI overrides in
them. I've never worked with Styler or FOSI, so please bear with me.

We have source edits for an element, let say this is the "Reference"
tag within a document. The Reference element is used like so:

<para> Some text, blah blah blah <reference>blah</reference>. More
text blah blah blah <reference>blah</reference></para>
<para> Even more text, blah blah blah <reference>blah</reference></para>

In the source edit I have a <e-i-c gi="Reference" occur="first">. This
eic tag or whatever you call it saves a bunch of info from the
Reference tag, increments and displays a counter within the Reference

The occur="first" is not doing what I'm expecting. In the above
example, the first two para's are treated as 1 and 2 and the third
para is treated as 1. In other words the first and last para is
"hitting" the e-i-c tag with occur = "first". I want only the first
Reference to hit this e-i-c.

How can I can I change the context for the Reference to use the
Document element as a point of reference? I see the context and xpath
attributes for e-i-c, but I'm not sure on their usage.

I hope I am clear on this. Lastly, are there any good references on FOSI?

Thank you for your response.