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Migrating for Epic 4.4k to Editor 5.2


Migrating for Epic 4.4k to Editor 5.2

Hi to all,

I'm doing some tests with Editor 5.2 and documents that were created in
Epic 4.4k. In Architect, I cannot load the DTD and I also cannot edit
the stylesheet for the print output. I've looked at help topic
"Document type migration issues" and I understand that the DTD parsing
engine has changed and is more rigid. But I don't understand what needs
to be corrected with this help statement:

"Actual .dtd or entity file encoding does not match encoding specified
on XML PI or UTF-8
default if not specified. (Refer to the following section XML Version

And in the section XML Version PI, I don't know what to do.

What am I missing? Here is the top portion of a dtd that we use.

Thanks for you help

Sylvain Castonguay






Hi Sylvain--

This is just a guess, but I think the error is trying to tell you that your DTD claims to be encoded as iso-8859-1, but contains characters that are not legal in that encoding (probably in one of the parameter entity files). Maybe some of your entity files contain Unicode characters or something like that. You might try changing the encoding of your DTD file to UTF-8 and see if that clears things up.


It appears that somewhere in your DTD (not the part you just posted) or
one of your entity files referenced by your DTD, you have one or more
characters that are not iso-8859-1 characters.
The XML parser in Arbortext 5.2 is stricter than 4.4's parser, I
believe. You have probably been getting away with this for a while, but
now you're BUSTED!

Thanks for the quick response.

Just to mention that I've installed Editor 5.2 M020

Finally maybe it is not the problem because I can open with no completeness errors a document with the following 1st line in the DTD:

Since the help says the following:

XML document types no longer need to be compiled to be used with Epic Editor 5.0 or later versions.
The .ptd, .pro (.pron) and .dec (.decn) files generated by Compile Document Type in prior
releases are not used and can be deleted. Epic Editor 5.0 and later does not automatically delete the
files, allowing the document type to be used with prior versions of Epic Editor.

You can still compile a document type as an XML application so that Markit is used instead of Xerces,
but the XML version PI must be deleted from the .dtd before opening any instance. When using
Tools→CompileDocumentType, you will be prompted to remove or insert the XML PI for XML
document types.

I can compile the DTD with the Tools→CompileDocumentType. It generates the traditional .ptd, .pro and .dec files but also modifies the 1st line in the dtd by adding apt as follows:

Anyway, since we don't need the .ptd, .pro and .dec files anymore, I won't use the Tools→CompileDocumentType command.

My problem is that I cannot edit the DTD... in Architect 5.2, I have the following error message:

[A11292] Too many arguments to _dtdedit::load(): 2 passed, 0 expected
(at line 54 of file "C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor\packages\docarch\_dtdedit.acl")

Is it a service pack issue?

Thanks again

I had this error message "Too many arguments to _dtdedit::load() ...." as
well, it appeared after installing the M020 patch. After a roll-back to
original installation, dtd editing is fine again...