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Planning for the PTC Users conference


Planning for the PTC Users conference

Hi Everyone,
I¹m just making airplane reservations for PTC Users. I wonder how many
Adepters are attending and if any of you are attending the Face-to-Face
meetings on Thursday. I¹d like to suggest a get-together of the Arbortext
attendees although nothing formal is planned. Can we get together for dinner
one evening?

JoAnn Hackos

Hi JoAnn-

There will be a social event for Arbortext users on Tuesday evening,
similar to the event last year (complete with Wii setup), so we'll all
have a chance to meet up there. Unfortunately, I have to leave right
after closing on Wednesday, but it would be great to arrange something
Wednesday night for people who are staying for Thursday meetings.


I'd be game for an Arbortexter's dinner on Wednesday night. In addition to
the Tuesday event.

All Adepters:

There will be a Tuesday night social for all Arbortext users sponsored
by Dayton T. Brown, Inc. and TerraXML just like we did last year. Liz
Fraley (Single-Sourcing Solutions) will graciously supply the Wii, and
the rest of us will graciously enjoy ourselves. We're hoping for a great
turnout by all the Adepters who can make it to PTC/Users this year, and
we're also looking forward to seeing all of our good friends from
PTC/Arbortext/ITEDO/etc. who had such a great time with us last year.

The time and location of the social will be announced shortly.


John Sillari
Chief Technologist, Technical Services Division
Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

All Adepters:

As a follow-up to the announcement below, we have confirmed details on
the time and place of Tuesday's Arbortext social event at PTC/Users
World Event 2009.