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Hello Adepters,

My question is printing a document with text area orientation as
"PORTRAIT" but setting page width = 14 inches and page depth = 8.5
inches; top margin is set to 1 inch and right hand margin is set to 6.5

When I print preview all is good, but when I print the document the page
width and depth give the printers a problem. Using Epic's out of the
box print panel and based on the printer, various options and page
layouts become available. We can print a single page (current page)
correctly, but cannot print all or a range of pages. The printers seem
to think we have a custom page layout.

Has anyone seen this behavior?

What print composed command might we try?

Thank you in advance.

Terry Brown
Revisor of Statutes, State of MN


I haven't checked this out, but you may want to change the orientation to
'landscape' as you seem to be turning your page. I'd also double check
the page set for your style sheet to make sure they agree with what you
are attempting to output.


I assume Mr. Brown is using FOSI. Landscape orientation in Epic page
layout set means that the flowing text is rotated 90 degrees to the
header and footer.
Portrait orientation means that the header, footer and flowtext all have
the same orientation, but that the page dimensions are defined as being
wider than they are long.
It sounds like Mr. Brown has the second circumstance, but it also seems
like maybe he doesn't have a verso and and/or a blank (if required) page
model. This might cause it to reset to normal after one page. If the
wide page model is caused by the existence of an element, perhaps the
"local" or "global" properties for switching to the new page model could
affect this, or some other child element formatting could be switching
this back.

Also, he could try using the Acrobat Distiller or Adobe PDF (depending
on Adobe version) printer to see how a PDF file comes out. If it looks
OK, you can then print from PDF. Also, experimenting with an Adobe
printer would not kill as many trees.