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I would like to use the SHIFT+F1 help function to launch a browser to
a page, in case to our wiki.

I created the folder called, "help" inside the doctype folder. then I
created a file called title.sgm. Inside a title element, I press
SHIFT+F1 and opens the title.sgm, but I would like it to launch to a
page or have inside that file links to our wiki.

I played with a few items, but no real success. Is this doable or is
there some other method.


Hi Douglas--

If it's always the same page you want to jump to, you can do it with a
simple map command:

map shift-f1 { system("cmd /C start }

Just replace " with your desired URL.

If the URL is supposed to depend on context or something like that,
you'll have to add some extra code to handle that, maybe something like

map shift-f1 { system("cmd /C start .
oid_name(oid_caret()) . ".htm",1) }



Cool. Can you post a link to the blog so we can check it out?

The idea is great. I made a simple change.

map shift-f1 { browse_url("
. oid_name(oid_caret()) ) }

I will write a blog article on it tonight!

You are awesome.


Does doc_type_gi() give you what you want? If not, can you clarify
exactly what you mean?


One more question is there away to get the "oid" like item for the DTD
short name. I did not see anything. since I use mil stuff, the DTD
would look like 38784LEG-BV8.

My blog is called

I think I can use, public_id() and some conditionals to limit it.

$dtd = public_id();
if (match($dtd,"38784" )) {
map shift-f1 {
browse_url(" . "38784/"
. oid_name(oid_caret()) ) }


Not directly related, but to add some more information:

The start command also works for any type of document - for example,
word documents. However, if you want to open a filename with a space in
it (and enclosed in quotes), you'll run into trouble.

It turns out that the start command takes an optional title argument,
and interprets the first argument enclosed in quotes as the title, and
not the command that you want to execute. So the solution is to provide
a fake title, like this:

cmd /E/C start "title" "c:\My Documents\document.doc"

Otherwise, you'll just open an empty command window with the title of
your filename.

I wanted to pass this on since it took me a bit of frustration to figure