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Sr IETM Developer/Tools Support Position


Sr IETM Developer/Tools Support Position

BAE Armament Systems in Louisville KY is looking for a Sr ITEM developer.

That is the way the job is posted, but we really need an additional
tools developer/support person. We have a great selection of
Arbortext tools (IsoDraw, PE, Import/Export, Editor, and Link
Manager) we are looking at a new XML content management system and
S1000D tools. We need a variety of tools knowledge, DTD and
stylesheet development, database support and programing. We have a
long list of skills we can use but we don't expect to find them all
in one person. We prefer a programmer type who has been working in a
tech pubs group and if you have milspec (NAVSEA) or S1000D experience
even better. If your a writer/illustrator and are into the tools and
how things work and can do some programming that would work as well.
This position will probably support other efforts in FrameMaker,
Interleaf/Quicksilver, MS Word as well as working with graphic
formats and interchange.

We are building a new Logistics/Training/Tech Pubs group here in KY,
if you are looking for an opportunity to help build a group rather
than live with process and procedures that have been in place forever
and can't be changed, then this is the place for you. You will help
establish the direction of this group. We are also trying to build an
integrated group here with the training developers working closely
with the writers and the logistics personnel. This position is with
the Navy guns group within our organization.

If your interested, please forward your resume to -.



I have some xml data and other related things. I need to create IETP/IETM with that data. Can you have any tool or software for same so that i can use. If you can provide trial for 30 days that can be good for me.



Previously, you could obtain a trial license of Arbortext Editor with Styler from PTC's reseller in your local region:

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