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Two versions of Editors


Two versions of Editors

I would like to have on my machine two versions of Arbortext Editors
running. The issue is that I need to support compiled doctypes for 5.2 and
5.3. I really did not want two paths for the installations, but I may be
able to change environmental variables to pick one version over another. Is
there a smarter way?


The "correct" procedure requires two installs. To get there, you must:

1) Install Editor 5.2 (and the patches you want) to c:\editor
2) Rename the folder to c:\editor52.
3) Uninstall Editor.
4) Install Editor 5.3 (and the patches you want) to c:\editor

5) Rename the folder to c:\editor53

Since you'll eventually want 5.4.

Start any Editor 5.2 session with a batch file that will specifically call
the correct epic.exe. (It may make sense to start all Editor sessions this
way since over time your "default" version my drift and you will go crazy
trying to keep it straight.)

Increase the granularity so you can support:

To handle minor or M versions, it may be possible to skip the uninstall. In
this scenario, the folder named c:\editor52 is always the most currently
patched version. Before patching, you take a copy of c:\editor52 and rename
it to editor52f000 or editor52m030 before applying the next patch level.

We went through this at least once before, but while I could find the
discussion about the sensibility of relatively recent changes to the
Arbortext Editor installer, I could not find the install procedures we
agreed worked. Hopefully I've recreated it here from memory ...
successfully. Please chime in if I've goofed any of it.

Thanks for the information. I did what you mentioned and it works
great! I did not understand the batch file comment, but this is how I
am using it. I have the folders:

C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor -- this one is 5.3
C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor5.2

On the one that I need to work on, I just change the Editor folder
name. The working one is without the version number. So, in this
example, the 5.2 is dormant.


On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 9:29 PM, Douglas Wade <-> wrote:

> Thanks for the information. I did what you mentioned and it works
> great! I did not understand the batch file comment,

Many shops represented on Adepters, mine included, use batch files to start
Editor in order to be able to customize the environment in any number of
ways. If you don't need to do it, don't. However, if you need it, there
isn't a better way ... that I'm aware of.

Here is an example batch file from one of my applications:


rem ***************************************************
rem Use this file to open an applicationamegoeshere Epic 5.2 session.
rem ***************************************************
assoc .xml=xmlfile
ftype xmlfile="C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor52\bin\epic.exe"
regsvr32 /s "c:\program files\arbortext\editor52\adapters\epicdctm5.dll"
rem ***************************************************
set path=%path%;\servername1\custom\applicationamegoeshere;
set APTLMHOST=@servername2
set APTFRAGCX=none
set APTRC=\servername1\custom\applicationamegoeshere\scripts\app_menus.acl
set APTCUSTOM=\servername1\custom\applicationamegoeshere
set OURAPPLICATION=applicationamegoeshere
rem ***************************************************
start "applicationamegoeshere" /b "C:\Program
Files\Arbortext\Editor52\bin\epic.exe" -newinstance

We deliver shortcuts that authors save to their desktops that point to this
file. They *must* use the shortcut or they will not get the proper authoring
environment and their customizations will be missing. Using the
shortcut/batch file strategy allows authors who work on a variety of
applications to "easily" switch between them. For what it's worth,
Documentum deploys these batch files so changes are distributed with every

Paul Nagai

Thank you for the script. I just notice it in my mail box. I guess, I have
not check mail, since we are in the holiday's.