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Understanding InsertAutoWithin


Understanding InsertAutoWithin

I'm trying to figure out how the new .dcf features work in Epic 4.3.1.
Most of it is pretty straight forward, but there are two things I want
to do that I haven't been able to figure out.

The first is using insertAutoWithin to automatically insert subelements.
In my DTD I have the element type "Division" which can have a Title and
DivBody subelements. DivBody then contains Para, e.g.:


<para>A paragraph</para>

Following the instructions in the online help, I created this entry in
my DCF file:

<insertautowithin element="Division" xmlns:isoreport="isoreport.dtd">
<isoreport:para><insertautoselection/></isoreport:para> </isoreport:divbody<br/> ></insertautowithin>

However, when I try this out, the Division element no longer shows up in
the insert-markup list.

I have successfully configured InsertAroundToFix to automatically insert
Title or Para when text is entered, but there doesn't seem to be a way
to have it automatically insert Para inside DivBody. For example, a
typical use case with my current .dcf file is:

1. Insert a Division element.

2. Start typing. Title element is automatically wrapped around text.

3. Move cursor outside Title, start typing

4. Get "no can do" nastygram. Wanted to have <divbody><para> inserted.

Any idea how I can do either of these?


W. Eliot Kimber,
Consultant, ISOGEN International

1016 La Posada Dr., Suite 240
Austin, TX 78752 Phone: 512.656.4139