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Xpath and Styler - duplicate images


Xpath and Styler - duplicate images

Hi Anne-

Is it possible that there are two elements that match this selector? In
other words, there might be two <image outputclass="home"> elements in
the document. In that case your selector will find them both.

In that case, you should be able to fix this by adding a predicate to
only select the first instance, like so:





Hi Adepters,

We're trying to pull an image onto a back cover using 'Elements via Xpath.'

The expression looks like this: //image[outputclass="home"]. (The element image has attribute href whose value is a path to the graphic.)

The outcome is two graphics (the same graphic twice). I think that the image is pulling and then it's href is resolving a second time for the duplication.

Anyone know how we might kill this dup?

We've looked at adding the image by Insert>Element Content, but we need the attribute specificity. The image is not positional (i.e., 1st, 2nd, Last, etc.)

Thanks for your time,


Yep - that did it with a single quote. I thought I had tested for a duplicate instance - guess I goofed the xpath 🙂


Thanks so much for your prompt attention.

Have a great day!
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