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arbortext editor doesn't free my files after editing


arbortext editor doesn't free my files after editing

Hello the community.

I wonder if it' is possible to free my files after editing in arbortext editor and closing.

Once my edited file and closed (I close the file but not the instance of arbortext editor), this one is locked by arbortext editor and I can't move it in another directory or delete it, for example.

It's very annoying because I must close arbortext editor every and the starting of the application is very long.

Perhaps some of you have a solution (I tried to install an soft such unlocker but it doesn't work because of the administration rights).

Best regards.

5-Regular Member

Hi Stephane,

Please note that there is a known issue in closing a document if there are duplicate NOTATION in the file:

<!NOTATION cgm PUBLIC "" "">
<!NOTATION cgm SYSTEM "cgm">

There are a few ACL commands you could use when the document is closed to make sure everything is release:

  • doc_close()
  • file_close()
  • dobj_close().

You can review the Help Center for full deatils on the features.  Use dobj_close() to inform Editor that you are done using that resource.  In that case, Editor will release its hold on that file.

Hi Rafael.

Thank you for your reply (I didn't know that you had replied to me).

Unfortunately, the duplicate Notation is not the explication of the "bad" behaviour of arbortext.

All the Notations are correctly declared and the locking concerns xml files which have no illustrations inside.

Moreover, arbortext locks several closed files at the same time.

I tried the few ACL commands you indicated to me, but only the file_close() command is recognized (Arbortext Editor 5.4 M110).

What is the needed argument for file_close command ?

the name of the file ? The name of the file with its path ?

Here's what borries me with arbortext: you always have to getting your hands dirty and if you are a simple user, it's too much complicated.

Who knows ACL in my society ?

Perhaps two persons who are administrators, too far away from me and too busy to care about these kinds of insignificant problems that occur every day...

I'd love to know ACL langage, even I must overlap with personal time, to be able to fend for myself but where to learn and where to find trainings for free on the web. It's too specific and not broadcasted as VBA (and I'm a beginner).

I'm just a simple user with light knowledge in VBA and if I really feel like improving myself and becoming an advanced use of arbortext editor, I feel blocked.

If you have another solution...

Thanks by advance.

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