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deep rows


deep rows

Derek Jones wrote:
>I have a table (CALS model) with a row entry with many paragraphs in it
>(over 1/2 pages long!)-- When I format the book in Publisher 7.0, it
>attempts to keep the entry on one page and thus often extends into the
>footer. Is there something I can do in the FOSI or in Publisher to
>allow the table to break in the middle of a row?
We have run into the same problem at Caterpillar. Our understanding is
that the formatting engine cannot cope with breaking a row that contains
a cell that is deeper than a page. We cannot accept text running off the
bottom of the page, or having to manually intervene during paper
formatting to insert page breaks after such grief. ArborText is aware of
this problem and refers to it as "deep rows". When we last discussed this
with ArborText, they suggested "deep rows" could be a topic for
discussion at the AUGI meeting. Unfortunately Caterpillar will not be
sending a representative. My request is to have one of you Adepters who
may be attending the AUGI meeting and is interested in the deep rows
issue please bring it up as a topic for discussion.

Barb Butterfield
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deep rows

Aha, there are more of you out there with deep row issues 🙂 We have been
putting an amazing amount of pressure on Arbortext for good "deep row" solutions
and also, for breaking boxes across pages (we have a hack solution to the box problem).
This has been going on for about two years.

Solving the problem is complex, particularily when you consider that a deep row
may be in one of several columns and spanned in various spots. How do you determine
where to break such a construct? I believe this complexity is what has delayed a
solution from Arbortext. Possibly, if we gave them a clear proposal as to what would be
satisfactory for our companies, we could get the job done quicker. It may
not be possible to automate the breaking of a table with deep rows and
multiple columns and spans; or at least to do it with a good result. Perhaps we limit
the number of columns a table can have if it is to have a deep row split
by the formatter.

Maybe the first step would be to ask Arbortext what is readily doable and then
work from that.

Dave Baughman
Sun Microsystems

Deep Rows

At AUGI '98, there was a luncheon discussion that included ArborText customers and ArborText software
engineers to discuss the topic of "Deep Rows".
The term "Deep Rows" is shorthand for the composition problem that arises in ADEPT when a table row is
so deep that ADEPT is unable to fit the row on one page. Instead of breaking the row and starting a
new page, ADEPT "prints" the row off the end of the current page.
If you are interested in hearing the results of this topic of conversation and want to discuss it
further, please reply to me directly:
Mary Danforth
Product Manager

ArborText, Inc.
1000 Victors Way
Ann Arbor MI 48108 USA

Phone: +1 734.997.0200
FAX: +1 734.997.0201