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dialogue box in middle of dual screens


dialogue box in middle of dual screens

To all:

We have two monitors that extend our desktops. In Arbortext Editor,
the attribute dialog box always opens in the middle of the two
monitors. We have to move the dialog box over to edit it each time. Is
there a way to control the placement of the dialog box?


The last time I asked about this I was told that the geometry was "resereved for Atbortext use" and Arbortext declined to explain which window positions were adjustable and how.

That being said, the preference file contains some items to remember settings for some windows, but Arbortext does not document the names of the windows for this use. I think name="textent" may be what you want. You must edit the preference file while Arbortext is not running or it may overwrite your settings when closing. Some settings (such as "preview") are not updated at close. You can modify these without a problem.

<window name="architect" geometry="399x130+69+48" dock="none"/">
<window name="edit" geometry="677x1151+44+12" dock="none"/">
<window name="helpwin4" geometry="590x350+1001+10" dock="none"/">
<window name="msgwin3" geometry="530x400+865+44" dock="none"/">
<window name="msgwin4" geometry="530x400+804+499" dock="none"/">
<window name="preview" geometry="820x1090+760+3" dock="none"/">
<window name="textent" geometry="592x314+382+214"/">

Caveat: I am using Arbortext Editor 5.3 and will probably never upgrade to a newer version. Arbortext may "do the right thing" and document these settings some day (or they may already have in a newer version).

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Hi Douglas--

You could do something using a "modify_tag" doc callback. This fires
before the Modify Attributes dialog is displayed, and gives you a handle
to the window that you can use to modify its geometry. Try something
like this:

function moveMAdlg(doc, oid, win, op) {
window_set(win, "geometry", "+1+1");

doc_add_callback(0,"modify_tag", "moveMAdlg");

If you put this in your init.acl file, it will attach to all documents,
and will make sure your Modify Attributes dialog always appears in the
upper left corner of the screen.

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