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generating PDF from batch file


generating PDF from batch file

Hello Adapters,

I'm building a batch file to create pdf from xml files. I'm using the following command line.

epic -C2 "print printer='Acrobat Distiller' allpasses force wait" "document.xml"

How can I specify the name of the pdf file in this command line?


Boudewijn Bosgoed.


Hi Boudewijn,
Did you ever get an answer on this? I do not see one within adepters, but I
am interested in doing this also. I would really appreciate it if you could
forward me any information you may have received concerning this issue.

Thank you,
Michelle Pelletier

Hi all--

There was a thread on this a while back, and based on that I'm in the process of implementing something along these lines. (Kudos to Philip Wenger, among others, for pointing out the _pubpdf::publish_pdf_file() function.) It's still pretty rudimentary right now, but here's what I have so far:



I'm using also the "_pubpdf::publish_pdf_file()" function and I have created
Winbatch routines arround it (for file selection, writing a log file,
analysing the resulting PDFs (bookmark count) etc). This works pretty well.
If someone needs more info about it, just mail me.

Hans J Bigalke

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. Now, I have another one for
you. Has anybody ever received the following Adobe PDF messagebox?

This only seems to appear when trying to "Compose PDF File..." from within
Epic Editor or using the _pubpdf:publish_pdf_file function (We are running
4.4e on XP). This message box does NOT appear when creating a PDF from
within Word or even when choosing "Print Composed" within Epic and setting
the printer to "Adobe PDF". I know I could simply go to my settings and
turn off the option mentioned in the message box, however, it would be
better to permanently solve this issue in case a user accidentally/manually
switches the option back. Any ideas?

Thanks again,

Hi Michelle--

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a way to set this globally from Epic. I have run into similar problems (though not this exact error), and it usually involves changing Acrobat Distiller settings on the client machine.

One thing I've noticed is that there seem to be *two* possible default configurations for Acrobat Distiller. One is the setting that appears when you launch Distiller from the Start menu. I believe this is the one that _pubpdf::publish_pdf_file() and Compose->PDF use. The other is the one you set in the Acrobat Distiller printer driver properties, which is the one that gets used if you print to Acrobat Distiller or use Print Composed. Changing one does not change the other; so, you'll need to make sure both defaults are set to the desired profile (usually some derivation of the "Print" configuration).

Hope that helps. If someone else knows the secret to making Epic control the configuration Distiller uses, I'll be thrilled...


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For Windows XP, look at the printing preferences in Control Panel ->Printers
and Faxes. Right click on the Adobe Distiller printer (which really should
be your default if you make PDFs).

Make sure the Do not send fonts to Distiller is NOT CHECKED:

This is a one-time deal. Hereafter the error mesage you show never appears
and I have never had any problems with any other application because of this

This shown for Windows XP Pro; any other windows version should be similar.
I don't think it is a Unix problem.


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My short answer on this would have to be "setup the users' machines
the right way and tell them not to mess with it". If they go changing
settings without understanding the consequences, they get what they ask
for. On the other hand, that philosophy doesn't keep you from having to
go bail them out and fix their configuration.
A more "permanent" fix would certainly involve testing and modifying
their configuration on the fly. You'd probably need to override the
menu option to fire some custom code which would check the settings,
then call the function that the menu option is normally attached to.
The relevant settings are in a combination of the registry and some
files located under the Acrobat installation directory. If you're
talking about the Acrobat Distiller printer driver property (the "Don't
send fonts to Distiller" checkbox), which seems to come into play with
the "Print Composed" route, the setting, whose value should be "0", is
in a registry value called:
If the Job Options are in control, such as with "Compose PDF", you'd
either need to modify the Job Options file, which is a snippet of
Postscript, or temporary change the default Job Options, to a set that
you know will be correct, which appears to be controlled by a registry
value called:
There are some ACL functions for manipulating registry entries (not
generally recommended... can be dangerous) in
packages\tools\winregistry.acl under the Epic installation directory (at
least in 4.3.1).
This effort would be a fair bit of work. The potential value would
depend on how much time you spend fixing users' configurations because
they can't just leave their Distiller settings alone.

-Brandon 🙂