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local sgml users groups?


local sgml users groups?

we are brand new to both sgml and arbortext's adept editor and have found the "adepters" most informative. we are very interested in learning all we
can about sgml.

does anyone know whether there is an active, non-product specific, sgml user's group in the greater boston/southern new hampshire (USA) area that we
could join?

thank you,
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local sgml users groups?

There is a user group in Boston, but I don't know how active it is.
You can try checking with Susan Ryan at the Martin Hensel Corp.
(, or 800-455-5450). I believe they were coordinating
In the New York City area, there's the SGML Forum of New York. Not as
local, but we hold quarterly meetings that run about a half day and
focus on specific topics. If people are interested, I can make sure
that future meeting announcements get posted to the list. (I don't
!think! that violates list guidelines.)
Best regards,


Chet Ensign (212)
Manager of Data Architecture
Matthew Bender & Company, Inc.
Chair, SGML Forum of New York, Inc.
Chair, External Communications Committee, SGML Open
Coauthor, "SGML Buyer's Guide" Prentice Hall, 1998
Author, "SGML: The Billion Dollar Secret" Prentice Hall, 1997


local sgml users groups?

I am aware of a couple of attempts to try to start such a group in the
greater Boston area; but they have never gotten off the ground. I'm
willing to help out if there's sufficient interest-

Mary P. McRae
Senior Program Manager
Document Management Solutions, Inc.
Old Revolutionary Road
Temple, NH 03084

local sgml users groups?

Chet, I would be interested to know the dates that the SGML Forum of New York meets. I attended one meeting in 1997 and found it informative. Unfortunately, I never made it on to their mailing list.

Thank you.

Denton Clark
Lockheed Martin Government Electronic Systems
(609) 722-4648