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one more for the road


one more for the road

Rather than spending the rest of the day trying to find the answer on the
'user friendly' PTC web page I'll got to the source of the best info in
town, Adepters.

My maintenance agreement expires either late this month or early Sept. Has
anyone gotten a notice reminding them they need to renew their agreement?
Under Arbortext, I got an email well in advance. I may have missed it in
the SPAM (or it was mistaken for SPAM and blocked).


Hi Lynn,

Our maintenance agreement expired the end of March and we had no notice
as in the past (normally received in January). NRC is a big
organization and I don't see these things myself, they go to Admin
Services. I found out the hard way, by trying to download a patch file
and getting a message saying our support had expired. A call to PTC
support only got a 'no pay, no support' reply (and not a very polite one
either). I was finally able to get hold of an Arbortext person who told
me PTC was reviewing all maintenance agreements and everything was
backlogged several months, including notices for renewals.

In spite of the obvious nature of the problem, our support was not
reinstated until we paid up. It took a few days to push through the
corporate red tape. The only effective help we got was from Arbortext
people in Ann Arbor.

You might want to initiate your renewal yourself this time.



David S. Taylor

Project Manager, Structured Information
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council Canada
Bldg. M-23A, Room 239
1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6

Ouch, that really "expletive deleted". I wonder what they are reviewing?
I mean I have a two single licenses. Epic Editor and Print Composer. I'm
that little so what nodule.

I guess I'll make a phone call when I get home and see what I need to do
and what it will set me back this year.