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Adding items to drawing layer


Adding items to drawing layer

All -

This has been a struggle to me for several days and now I am forced to
seek assistance. I hope that I can explain this problem sufficiently.

I have a small program that very effectively creates certain layers in
parts and assemblies based upon the modeling features contained in the
model... For example, if datum points exist in the model, a layer named
"_datum_points" is created. If there are datums that are used as set
datums in a GTOL, these datums are added to a layer called "_set_datums"
and then removed from any other layer they might be on.

I understand that this tool is very similar to the capability of default
layers - we simply use this tool in conjunction with default layers, not
as a replacement.

This works great for solid models. My problem occurs with drawings.

In the drawing, I have "ignore_model_layer_status = yes" and
"draw_layer_overrides_model = no". These two settings allow me to view
and set the display status of my solid model layers in the drawing
independently. For example, I could have a layer named "_datum_points"
in the solid models that is blanked in all cases, yet it is shown in the
drawing. Also, these settings allow me to create layers in the drawing
that may not appear in any of my solid models - again, the goal is to
have the drawing layer states be independent of the solid model.

This is not working as expected. For whatever reason, I am perfectly
able to set the drawing-only layers - I am unable to set the status of
the layers for the solid models that are contained in the drawing. This
used to work in the past. It does not work now. (again, the problem
only occurs when setting drawing layers - it works fine for solid models

I have used ProLayerItemInit to initialize layer items in the solid
models. I have tried this function as well as ProDwgLayerItemInit for
drawing items. Both appear to work, so I am uncertain of their
benefits. I then use ProLayerItemAddNoUpdate to add the layer items to
the specific layer.

How can I gain access to set the status of the solid model layers
(contained in my drawing) as well as my drawing layers? I have included
two gif images - one showing what my assembly looks like after running
through this tool - the other showing the drawing - notice that the
layer status for the assembly shows most items blanked - yet in the
drawing (because ignore_model_layer_status = yes) these items are still
shown. How can I blank these?

BTW, setting ignore_model_layer_status = no is not an option.

Thank you for any assistan <<assy_layers.gif>> c <<drawing_layers.gif>>
e. Kindest regards,

Paul J. Crane
Business Analyst - Product Design
Computer Aided Engineering Services
Deere & Company
Worldwide Headquarters - EOB 5-9N
One John Deere Place, Moline, IL 61265