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Cabling Structure


Cabling Structure

I'm just starting out using RSD 8.0 and Pro/E 4.0 Cabling.

What's best practices to setup the cabling assemblies structure?

Here is my currentassy model tree setup:

- AircraftInstallation CableAssy

- Skeleton Model .prt

- Shrinkwrap (Aircraft Top Level Assy)

- Cable Assy 1

-Copy Geometry (p-clamp location)

- Cable Assy 2

Copy Geometry (p-clamp location)

Is this correct? Or is there a better way?




Cabling Structure

I do:

Top Level Assy or Sub-Assy
-Cable management if installed at assy
-Harness Assy 1
--Skeleton (shrinkwrap, copy geom...)
--Connectors/Componenets (all csys defined for entry ports)
--Cable part (.prt created when making harness)
---Sub-harnesses defined
-Cable Assy 1 (for mostly purchased cables)

Cabling Structure

That works too. It all depends upon how you want it to look from a BOM structure. I make everything independent, mostly use datum features and curves to place the network. I prefer a robust cable assy to a parametric one. Redefining failed components when something changes isn't too bad but missing references to cable or network locations are a pain to resolve. If something changes you can redefine and make it dependent to update the copy or shrinkwrap; then make it independent.


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Cabling Structure


Thank you for the RSD 8.0 update.

Anyway, I know that Jeff's assembly structure is good with one harness assy, but what happen if I have two or more harness assy under a Sub-Assy?
Below is my current cabling assembly structure with two cable assemblies:


Here is a snapshot of two cable assemblies that I've created within a Sub-Assy:


Is there a way for me to setup the Cabling structure, so that Pro/Cabling would know there is already a cable assy at the same p-clamp location and separate them, not merging together?


Sun C. Lam
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