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Copy sheets in a drawing

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Copy sheets in a drawing

Hi Folks,

I’m creating drawings for a family tabled parts/assemblies.
What I would like to do is to put each instance on its own sheet within a
single drawing file.
To save some time, I would like to completely detail just one sheet then
copy it and replace the models to get the remaining parts/assemblies drawn.

Kind of like a Save As, but without creating a new drawing file.

Is it possible?

Walt Weiss


RE: Copy sheets in a drawing

Thanks for the help!

There is no nice way to do this– nice opportunity for an enhancement!

The only way is a convoluted approach as described below.

Helpful suggestions below:

I hope someone gives you a better answer than this,
but the only way I know to do this is:
Create your first sheet drawing and detail everything.
Do a save a copy for each instance.
Open the copy replace the instance for each copy.
Go back to the first drawing.
Insert shared data from file and add the copied
drawing. It will become sheet 2. Repeat for all other

Please let me know if there is a better way to do

You will not be able to accomplish this unless you put all common dimensions
on one page and then list only specific dimensions for each different
instance. Additionally if the dimension only changes value it will not show
on the subsequent pages. The only way to save your current page & change
the instance on each sheet is to saveas to a new file change out the
instance and then merge the new drawing to the original, but this will not
give you the existing dimensions on the first page on the rest of the pages.

Hope that helps, but I doubt it will,

I think you can copy the drawing, change the instance on the copied drawing
and then merge the drawing back together. This type of thing has been
posted before. (I don't remember the exact picks for the remerging.)

Yes it is possible, we do it all the time. Create your first sheet using
the generic (or the first instance) and fully detail your drawing. Then
replace the model with the first (or next) instance and "save a copy" under
a bogus name (merge1). Repeat this process for each of the instances giving
each copy a unique name (merge1, merge2 etc.). Once you have created all
the required copies, switch the model back to the original and "merge" the
bogus sheets in one a time. If you have any questions or require
clarification, let me know.

One method I know off the top of my head will work...

-make a single sheet drawing exactly as you want them all.
-do a save as as many times as you have instances,
-replace the instance shown in each sheet as you like.
-go back to the original drawing (I assume you want this as sheet 1?)
-merge each drawing into the first and there you have it.

There will be extra drawing files left behind, but there is NO link to
these, the merged sheet and the original file it came from are completely

The merge does have some ramifications for repeat regions and such (its in
the help for the merge command) but every time I have used it, it is a very
clean command, leaves me with exactly what I want.


Best Regards,
Walt Weiss