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Fastener Descriptions?

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Fastener Descriptions?

We are also using the 'full version' and I'm having a difficult time using/ setting custom parameters. For example, all of the model names are not helpful as they offer no clue as to the type of fastener you have (CSDD293, CSDD292, CSFF66....). So we need to add the parameter called "descr" and I will call out the details for that model ID like this:

SHCS, 1/4-20 THD X 3/4" LG

If I add the DESCR to say CSDD320.prt and then try to add one for CSDD293 (both SHCS, 1/4-20 THD with lengths of 3/4" and 1/2"). I loose the DESCR in 320 and it appears in 293 incorrectly. They are in the same family but are under unique numbers so what gives?

Really, without an accurate description in the BOMs, this feature is rather worthless. Why are there no descriptions pre-loaded for the fasteners? Not sure why we're paying for the "full" version if I have to go in and add a description for every fastener. We already have this in our free nested family table screw.prt


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Hi Keith,

you are totally right. If there is no BOM information, then it is rather worthless.

I have checked this for all catalogs in IFX.

There are two different types of fastener parts in the catalog.

The catalogs with the red frame are models from the 3DModelSpace from PTC.

In this catalogs, no BOM parameters exists on the fastener parts.

Not sure if there is a update available for this 4 catalogs. I will ask PTC if they have a new one.


The catalogs with the green frame have the parameters listed in the image:


The parameter BUW_TYPE, BUW_SIZE and BUW_NAME are filled with values from the corresponding *.dat file. You can add your own columns to the *.dat file or modify the values in the list.

The parameters NAMING and DESIGNATION come from the param_relations.txt.


This relations are added to the fastener after creation. You can modify this relations like you want.

In you case you can use for example:


You mentioned that all information exist in your family table screw.prt.

In IFX it is possible to reuse your own existing fastener. If you want you can send me ( your screw.prt file, then I will have a look at it if it is possible to use this fasteners in IFX.

Hope this will help.


Re: Fastener Descriptions?


It is helpful, last night I added a relation in the param_relations.txt file to link the BUW_SIZE and BUW_NAME to our DESCR parameter. With this edit, I can now see a BOM's description on drawings. I already replaced the default names and size fields in the HOLO KROME text file to shorten the file name and descriptions to better fit in the table.

My next issue is adding better file names to the table because CSDD320 or CSFF66 don't tell me anything. Plus, if I needed to update or change a particular screw inside an assembly, it's impossible to locate it in the model tree. The new interface is really nice and does have some great features but after the initial insertion of a fastener, it is very difficult to know what it is. Leave it to PTC to make you pay for this tool which only then gives you the ability to edit the files to make it truly useful.

Once I have the text files updated, I need to copy this entire library from the C drive to a share drive so others in the group can use it. In the afx/configuration folder, is the sl_options the only file I need to update in order to change the library directory mapping?

If I remap these two parameters to a folder in our share drive and do the same for each pc in the group, will everyone pull from the same library of parts?

!Complete path to the component library root directory.

PATH_ABS_LIBRARY C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 3.0\M020\Common Files\afx\parts

!Complete path to the component archive.

PATH_ABS_ARCHIVES C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 3.0\M020\Common Files\afx\parts\archive

As far as our screw.prt goes, it's a single nested family table part so each size and type need to be broken down to a single family table level in order for it to work in Windchill. We already learned that nested table parts does not function in that system. I will forward you a copy for testing.


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Hi Keith,

here are the answers:

  • ... it's impossible to locate it in the model tree. ...
    In IFX you can use the Check Screw Fasteners command to open a dialog with a list of all assembled screws/bolts.
    There you can check your fasteners. If you click in the list, the corresponding fastener is highlighted in the graphic window.
  • ... is the sl_options.cfg the only file I need to update in order to change the library directory mapping?
    Yes, this is the only file. You can also use the environment variable SL_USER_CONFIG_PATH to point to a location on your server where the folder configuration is stored. Then the complete configuration is loaded from there and you only have to setup the configuration one time.
  • ... will everyone pull from the same library of parts?
    Yes. If the PATH_ABS_LIBRARY is the same for all users, then everyone has the same library.
    If you want to use the option PATH_ABS_ARCHIVES then you also have to set USE_ARCHIVES to YES. Then all new fasteners are created in the folder PATH_ABS_ARCHIVES. You have to add the Creo option search_path with the same directory. Then Creo will first look into this directory if your fastener instance already exist. If so, then it is loaded from there, if not, then it is created.
    Note: You can use the Instance creator command from IFX to create all your instances in one step. Then the instances can be moved to the search_path folder or can be checked into Windchill.

Thank you for the screw.prt. I will have a look at it.


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

To answer the question whether there is a newer PTC Catalog, the answer is no.

We thought some customers might be using the old PTC catalog hence made the choice to add the existing as it stood.

I have attached a PDF which provides a little more information about the Legacy fasteners




Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Thanks for the input and suggestions. We narrowed the screw library down to the HOLOKROME and mm options and I have renamed each library:


I also edited all of the DAT files for these screws to "improve" the instance names along with the BUW_NAME and BUW_SIZE which make-up our 'description' field in the BOM's table. There are no issues with any of the screw files at this point and the data on our dwgs is now useable.


Here's my next issue which I can't seem to figure out, as you can see in the BOM pic above, there is a nut and washer listed. I went through the same edits I made in the screw files for the nut and washer but I cannot get any of the DAT file data to write to the param_relations.txt file where I have: DESCR = BUW_NAME + " " + BUW_SIZE.

I did double-check all of my file renaming including the MNU files and it all matches the process I took for the screw libraries. Why would I see a different result?

folders1.JPG nuts_txt.JPG nuts_mnu.JPG


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Can you attach or send your screws_and_pins folder please (

Then I will check this.


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Files sent.

As I stated in the email, I did get everything to work as I have descriptions for all screws, nuts, washers, and pin on our drawings. The only item left to sort out is the SL_USER_CONFIG_PATH option. I added this to our config file but is was invalid/ not known.

Once you have the 2D details sorted out to fit your preferred methods, it is a very nice tool!


Re: Fastener Descriptions?

Hi Keith,

the SL_USER_CONFIG_PATH isn't a option. It is a enviroment variable. You can add it to your start skript (e.g. parametric.bat) or add it to the system.

You can add more than one path separated with ";".


set SL_USER_CONFIG_PATH=D:\buw\afx\configuration;D:\buw\afx\config_user1

If you add more than one path, then an option menu is placed in the top of the IFX configuration dialog where you can choose the config you want to use.

So if it is ok for you then I will mark this thread as answered.