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Follow-up2: Wildfire Conversion - Large Assembly

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Follow-up2: Wildfire Conversion - Large Assembly

We took a look at Wildfire and 2001 side by side to compare physical memory
usage and observed WF with approximately 20% greater PM usage versus 2001.
Thanks Ron Davis for providing informative comments on-topic along with
Microsoft Directions MS Longhorn article link which is highly is great
reading for those souls planning software upgrades this year and next.

Ron's reply:

64bit Windoze and a 64bit version of Pro/E is the fix. On thing I worry
about is that PTC not pounding on the beta 64 bit code. PTC wouldn't be so
ignorant as to use the 32bit core code with a 64bit translator. This would
negate any speed advantage which the USERS require. The other weak point are
the 64bit drivers for video cards, NIC and new stronger OS security.
Programs that run home to mama so to speak would be halted because this is a
security issues which PTC exploits at this time. My Norton Firewall had to
be configured to allow 2001 to send a message(s) or it would fail to boot.

Now the down side... we probably won't see a released version of Windoze
Longhorn until next year. The only other easy way to cheat the NOT Enough
memory problem is to have Pro/E SMP aware where shared memory can be
available. The trouble is PTC has no plans to make an SMP aware version of
Pro/E, at least that I am aware of. I am not saying a fully SMP compliant
version. The difference being is an SMP aware program would be able to share
another slave processors recourses without cheating the OS. When you cheat
the OS you get memory leaks and crashes due to the obvious ignoring of OS
conventions and hooks into the OS.

Bottom line.. 64 bit Windoze is the where PTC will see the largest
migration. My hope is that PTC puts enough effort into making this a smooth

Ron's link: