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GetMassProperty of a solid (VB API)


GetMassProperty of a solid (VB API)

I am attempting to write some VBA in Excel that connects to Pro/e and generates a mass properties report for an assembly and all of the components and sub components in it.

I am attempting to use the pfcSolidExamples.vb as a guide, but it uses CType which VBA doesn't support.

solid = CType(model, IpfcSolid)

If anyone has an idea about how to work around this or another way of doing it all together, I would appreciate it. Currently I generating the report with a combination of Pro/e Macros and a little VBA rather than using the API but that's not very robust as it seems like the macros need to be updated with every new release.

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RE: GetMassProperty of a solid (VB API)

Good morning,

in VB you don't need to use CType(), but you have to declare the correct variable types.

For example:

The method GetParam(sParamName)

So it is better to do it this way:

Dim hCurMdl As IpfcModel
Dim hParameterOwner As IpfcParameterOwnerDim
Dim hParameter As IpfcParameter

Set hCurMdl = hSession.CurrentModel
Set hParameterOwner = hCurMdl ' <<< this is the conversion you need...
Set hParameter = hParameterOwner.GetParam(sParamName)


Hope this helps...



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