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J-Link Family Table Instance Verification Problem


J-Link Family Table Instance Verification Problem

Hello J-Link gurus,

I am having trouble with verifying certain family table instance models in J-Link and was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on to how to remedy it.

What is happening is wierd (or maybe I am).

I have a class to verify family table instances which normally works well.

I also have a generic part model with 42 instances which will verify ok in one async class but will not in another async class.

I have been trying to debug via Eclipse to see if I could find the fault, but have found no solution.

When it fails, the app breaks out of the for loop after the first row of the family table and it seems to ignore "famrow.CreateInstance()"

When it works it loops through all 42 instances and creates each instance to verify it.

Note this is the same cad model.

The class that it works in only calls up the generic model, does a couple of minor changes, verifies the instances and saves.

The class that does not work, calls up the generic model from a list of assembly components does the same changes but the verify fails.

But another generic model from that same assembly component list verifies ok ???????

I have no idea why.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The "for loop" in the verification class is :

for(int j = 0; j <= getInstList.getarraysize();j++)
{//begin of for loop
FamilyTableRow famrow = getInstList.get(j);
String instName = famrow.GetInstanceName();
System.out.println("instName: "+instName);
Model m = famrow.CreateInstance();
}//end of for loop

Wildfire 2, M190
Intalink 3.3, M021
Eclipse 3.3.0

Paul Stephens
CAD Systems Supervisor
Kenworth Trucks Australia