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Missing BOM Balloon


Missing BOM Balloon

> Hello,
> I have a small assembly, with 10 components.
> I create an assembly drawing and put a BOM table in the corner. All the
> components are listed, 1-10.
> I create BOM Balloons and press 'Show All' and all the items get balloons,
> with the exception of item 2, which is called something_or_other_1,prt.
> Now comes the interesting bit:
> If I change the name of item 2 to something_or_other_if,prt and re-create
> the table and balloons, they all show up.
> Change the name back and the balloon goes again.
> Not a big issue, I can work around it, but, if there were 150 parts in my
> assembly, I may well have failed to spot the missing one.
> Have you come across this behaviour before?
> If so, do you have a solution?
> Curious, isn't it?
> Thanks,
> John Wayman
> Mechanical Designer
> Tel: 01963 372143
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Wrong version in Intralink 3.4

I have a user that accidentally checked a file in at revision F but it
was supposed to be revision C. I am trying to get the files back into
revision sequence. I tried checking out the file (Revision F) to a
workspace and deleting the version F from commonspace but it still won't
let me check in the file in my workspace (old revision F) at revision C.
Has anyone run into this before or found a solution to do what I am
trying to do.

-Keith Siddall

Keith Siddall
Advanced Design Engineer
2700 Lanier Drive
Madison, IN 47250

P: 812-265-9422
F: 812-265-9437

Summary - Wrong version in Intralink 3.4

AH yes...the old backup trick. I forgot about that. I have done it
before but forgot. It is Friday after all. 🙂

Backup the file (rev F) to disk then delete it (Rev F) from your
workspace (and commonspace). This breaks Intralink's memory hold on the
file. Open the file from disk and save to workspace. You can then
change revision to correct one (Rev C). Check back in.


Wrong version in Intralink 3.4

did you retrieve the F version into session, check out the as stored version
b, save the in session version.

You might have to take this a step further,

Retrieve the F version into proe, backup that version to the local disk,
erase that version from session, delete that version from both the workspace
and commonspace, Check out the B version, retrieve the local disk version,
save it to the workspace.

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 6:57 AM, Siddall, Keith <->