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Mixed Mesh will not generate?

Level 3

Mixed Mesh will not generate?

Hey all,

I have a model that I am starting up.

What it is a combination of some shells (sheetmetal parts) and some
beams to transfer the loadings and provide some measures. Anyhow, I
want to set this up in an assembly with the beams remaining constant,
but, swap out the shell models as I iterate to a solution...

The problem I am having is this:
Both the beam models and shell models generate meshes no problem as
individual components.
When I put them together I keep getting this error on 5 faces (same
number of pairs my shell model has).

Surface ##### has shell properties but does not have material
properties. Please add material properties to this surface.

I have in the part, and can't seem to get it to take in the assembly.

WF 2.0
Build M040


Erik Peterson
Sr. Product Engineer


Re: Mixed Mesh will not generate?

Mixed Mesh will not generate?It's a common topic here. You need to
view/render the assembly shell & solids models together before running

Make sure at the assembly level that you are compressing to the right

Once you get a baseline running, copy the whole folder to a unique name and
edit that one to try other geometries. Don't forget to render the shell &
solid combined model before running again to be sure it makes sense.