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Roughing sequence

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Roughing sequence

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I am using Wildfire 2.0, M070, and running into an odd little problem.
If I were to use a volume sequence I can specify a bottom stock in the
parameters, in a roughing sequence there is no option for this that I
can find. I want to leave stock down all vertical walls of the window,
but want the tool to go down to the selected surface, which is planer to
Z. The stock is set at .020, rough stock, but the slices are only
created to .0225 above the bottom surface. If I set the stock to 0, the
slice creation stops .0025 above the bottom surface. Does anyone have
any insight into getting around this? Thank you in advance for your
thoughts and time.

Brian Parrish


Thumb Tool & Eng.

Bad Axe, MI


RE: Roughing sequence

Here is a summary of the response that I got. I would like to thank
Peter and Doug for all their help. The consensus is that I can get the
tool closer to the bottom surface by changing the "OUTSIDE_TOLERANCE" to
a very small value. But it still wants to stay the stock value off the
bottom surface, which leaves me with a couple of option. Create a
second sequence to come in and clean the bottom surface up, or use a
volume. The only problem that this creates is with using a volume; the
last pass around the O.D. is created in a conventional cut motion. I
understand why it is doing this, the outer wall of the volume is treated
like a cavity, but in reality it isn't. This is why I wanted to use a
roughing sequence to get rid of this reversal in cutter motion. The
roughing works great, except I can't get it to go to depth that is
required. This would work if could use a button cutter (lollipop type)
in a re-roughing sequence, but this tool type is not supported in
Wildfire 2.0. I am not sure if it is supported in Wildfire 3.0. This
way the stock value would be at 0, and in theory the tool would clean up
to the bottom surface of the part. I will see what tech support has to
say, and probably file an enhancement to try and resolve this. Thanks
again to everyone for all their help.