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Search on Mass


Search on Mass


Once in a while, I, or one of my colleagues, neglect to set the density of a part and the mass of the assembly is reported as something huge.

Usually, I show the density and mass in the model tree and I can scan for silly numbers by eye.

However, when the assembly has a large number of parts, it is easy to overlook the offending item, especially if it is in a sub-assembly.

Is there a way to use the Search icon to look for components in which pro_mp_mass is greater than a certain value, or, indeed, in which pro_mp_density is 1.00?

I can only work out how to search for a user-defined parameter called Mass which is greater than a certain value. Our parts do not need a Mass parameter, however, since they automatically have a pro_mp_mass parameter. I am certainly not in a position to add such a parameter to every part in the database.


I even tried using Modelcheck to find parts with default density (DEF_DENSITY test), but I couldn't get that to work, wither.


I suspect the visual scan is the answer, but, if there is a way to search for a value of pro_mp_mass or pro_mp_density, I would be pleased to hear how.


Wildfire 4, M220








Re: Search on Mass


in Creo 2.0 I was able to use the following procedure. I hope that it can be used in WF4, too.


I used configuration buttons marked in the above picture.

  • click LB (left button) > Tree Filters > turn off Features option
  • click LB (left button) > Tree Columns > set Type = Model Params, manually enter PRO_MP_DENSITY into Name field and click Arrow button to move the parameter into Displayed area
  • now you will see Model Tree similar to my picture
  • click RB (right button) > Expand All
  • click LB > Save Model Tree > save the contents of Model Tree into treetool.txt file
  • open treetool.txt file in Notepad and search for 1.000000 string

Good luck

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Re: Search on Mass


You can use search tool for PRO_MP_DENSITY

> Look for : Solid Model

> Look By: Solid Model

> Include Sub models

> Expression > Symbol = PRO_MP_DENSITY (manually type this)

> value = 1