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Simplified Rep question


Simplified Rep question

Super basic question, I'm sure. Long time Pro/E user but kind of new on
Pro/E WF 2.0

I want to create a simplified rep of an assembly with everything
removed, EXCEPT for the specific items I choose, either from the tree or
from the graphical screen. In version 2001 and earlier while setting up
the new rep, you would choose EXCLUDE, meaning (exclude everything else,
except for what I choose right now). This blew away everything except
the "bracket" you wanted to see in the assembly.

I've been playing with view manager in WF 2.0 and find it cumbersome to
get the desired result and then as a saved rep.

Are there any tricks to using it now? I've got the PTC training book
for rev 2001 to WF 2.0 and it doesn't really get into making reps.

Any help would be appreciated.



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