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Summary: Cutting Thru a Shrinkwrap


Summary: Cutting Thru a Shrinkwrap

Thank you to all that replied.

*Original Question*: I have a shrinkwrap model of an engine and would
like to make a cut all the way through it in order to remove a large
part of it. I have found that I can only cut through individual
surfaces one at a time. Is there any way to cut through the whole
shrinkwrap with one cut?

1) Make the original shrinkwrap into a solid and then use cuts or the
Edit/Solidify option to cut parts away.
2) Go to the import feature and in the redefine, click the edit button
then the delete button. This will let you make a box to select what ever
is in the box, then press delete. after that you can patchwork all the
surfaces using the make surface from surface/points/lines etc.
3) Keep doing what you are doing using the surface cut surface feature.
Will end up with a huge model.
4) Use an outside tool. Use for example. Export the engine
to .obj then import to blender, use the knife, cut it to your liking,
export as .obj and re import the piece in pro/e. This one is quick, but
the model is triangulated and will be larger than the original probably.

*Comment*: I think my problem is the fact that my original shrinkwrap
has too many little holes in it (the quality is poor). This causes it
to abort when trying to make a merged solid shrinkwrap. So the best
solution, in my particular case, is to go back to the engine
manufacturer and get a better original model to work with.