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Trouble modifying Mechanica runs in Wildfire


Trouble modifying Mechanica runs in Wildfire

Up until switching to Wildfire I have had the habit of running multiple
similar analysis in Mechanica by just copying the working directory and
modifying the items I want to change and then re-running the analysis. This
allowed me to very quickly try several versions of the same part without
having to re-configure constraints, loads and such between runs. I tried
this using Wildfire and it resulted in a Runtime Error in “Program
D:\ptc\proewildfire\:486_nt\obj\xtop.exe” and an abnormal program
termination when switching applications to Mechanica. Thinking it was
perhaps the model I was using I tried another analysis with similar results.
I then went back to the original analysis in the original directory and
deleted a part from the assembly just to see what would happen. Upon trying
to switch to Mechanica the same error occurred. So right now it appears that
I can create a new assembly and run an analysis on it without any trouble
but if I try to modify it or copy it and modify it I get kicked out of
Wildfire when I select Mechanica from the applications menu. Any ideas on
what I may doing to cause this or ways to get around it would be greatly


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RE: Trouble modifying Mechanica runs in Wildfire


I think you might be trying to doing something in a slightly unorthodox way.
In Wildfire, one change that might be causing this error is the fact that
the *.mdb file that previously stored much of the Mechanica info has now
been incorporated into the Pro/E part file and the *.mda file which was it's
counterpart for assemblies has been consumed by the Pro/E asm file.

So if you make copies of your part and assembly files and then adjust the
constriants and assemblies then you should be able to do what you're trying
to do.

Or you could set up multiple load sets and constraint sets in one model, and
then setup different analyses within that single model that uses specific
load/constraint sets, but ignores others. This would be the neatest way to
manage what you're trying to do. This way you wouldn't end up with multiple
copies of the same geomtry, just mutiple design studies, which each
represent a different loading/constaining scenario.

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RE: Trouble modifying Mechanica runs in Wildfire


That's what BMX is all about. Run the one Mechanica analysis and the
run a Mechanica multi-objective design study. In WF2 you can run an
automatic Design of Experiments or you can specify the "experiments"
that you want to run. We use that method all the time for DFSS (Design
For Six-Sigma).