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cabling question using shrinkwraps


cabling question using shrinkwraps

A coworker of mine just came back from a Pro/Cabling course and showed me
a tecnique of creating a subassembly which contains a Skeleton Model. The
first feature of the Skeleton is a shrinkwrap which has all the surfaces
of the top level assembly where you want to route cables. This approach
allows you to do all your routing in the subassembly without having the
top level in session and the cables don't have references to the top

The problem I am having is when someone changes any part or assembly that
is used at the top level and checks in to Inralink - once I update my "out
of date" files my Shrinkwrap feature fails upon regeneration, or when I
try and update the Shrinkwrap, which in turn causes all my connectors and
cable locations to fail since they reference the Shrinkwrap. Anyone using
this tecnique successfully? Maybe there are known problems with
shrinkwraps and my version of WF that I am unaware of. I'm using WF2
M050. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks - Mike F.

Re: cabling question using shrinkwraps

Hello Michael.

We also use the skeleton feature in our 2001 edition.
I recognized your type of problem.
Have you tray to make the shrinkwrap feature Independent ??
If you modify the copy geometry feature, choose “Dependency” and change it
to Independent instead of Dependent. Then tray to regenerate.
Hopefully it will work.
God luck!

Tomas Ek
MYDATA automation AB