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can this be simulated?


can this be simulated?

Hi everybody, this is my first post to this exploder so I hope it works.

Sorry for the simplified example, I cannot share the original model.

So, I have a 3 part assembly, Part 1 fully constrained, part 2 is connected
by a pit joint (can only move say 90 degrees clockwise from the horizontal)
and the same applies for part 3 (moves 90 degree relative to part 2).

Now say I apply a servo motor to joint "A".. so this is what I'm calling an
"Active Joint".. now I want to relate the movement of joint "D" (which will
be what I call a passive joint) to"A".. all very easy right! So basically,
as joint "A" rotates, joint "D" rotates some by some angle..

But this is what I'm looking for..

If you look at the green tether.. this will be a constant length.. and it's
routed around pulleys A, B, C & D.. now if you could imagine a physical
model of this, as part 2 rotates, this tether, will pull part 3 around

So essentially what I want to do is to run a BXM analysis to get the optimal
positions of "B" and "C" ..

To make the matter a little more complicated, I'd like to mount "B" and "C"
on springs, such that it would tension the tether and also to build some
compliance into the model such that if part 3 was to be impeded for some
reason, the tether would essentially straighten between "A" and "D" ..

I would eventually like to run an inverse kinematic analysis to find out
the optimal spring rates for pulleys "B" and "C"..

I'm assuming a 2D solution would work.. and be a lot simpler , but I have a
3D model.

Any ideas, and advice, general comments, greatly appreciated..



WF 2.0 M120 (or even WF 3.0 pre prod if there's something in there that will