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native file size


native file size

Hello again,

I have a model of an engine that I am using in a design. The engine
assembly has been converted to a single part file with a few external copy
geoms... That part file is clocking ~700 Mb in the folder. This same issue
exists for the compressor assembly in my design... So just those two
components are well over a gig of space. These components are never going to
change in the scope of my project. This file size issue creates a challenge
for me in sharing the design with others.

I converted the prt to a neu and then a stp... the neu was 46 MB and the
stp is ~10 Mb - both would be acceptable. But importing either of them into
a prt and saving blows the size back up to ~700 Mb.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to trim down a native part file
size when I don't need any of the parametric info? I do need some of the
faces for assembly references, etc, so the geometry needs to be retained -
can a shrinkwrap accurately retain the actual geometry?

Are there other ways to do this?




native file size

Check out the .prt accuracy, and the embedded part preview file type (wireframe, shaded, etc...) for starters.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317

native file size


It is early to call this a summary, but I am learning that the more I learn
the more I get confused...

See f you can follow this:

I have attached a pdf to substantiate the following claims...

I decided to play with shrinkwrap a bit to see it if could help me. I
learned that shrinkwrap does not do a great job at retaining the original
geometry. When you launch shrinkwrap, creo prompts you to "select or open"
an object to wrap. I was unable to select the onscreen geometry for some
reason, so I did something that either resulted in a total fluke, or I just
cannot remember exactly what I did. I am not able to reproduce it...

The more I try, the more lost I feel. I cannot figure out what happened.

But, my 700Mb part file that consists of an imported neutral file was
somehow saved as an 8 Mb file. That will go into my assembly and live there
for sure. But I want to know how I did it so I can do it to the other

BTW - there are several responses coming in that I will summarize. I just
wanted to share this crazy event that looks like a gold mine if I can repeat


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