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What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

1 - the drawing UI 

2 - missing industry standard import and export formats (BIM, 3D-PDF, MI, ...)

3 - no officially supported Creo startup / config environment 

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

1. Drawing Detail Views: No method to change display independent from the parent view.

2. Drawing Parts Lists: PAGINATE (!!), this is one CLUNKY method to split up a repeat region. Can this be simplified, or at least improve the online instructions as to how this is done?

3. Drawing Balloons: Adding intelligent reference balloons results in a default arrow placement that is either difficult to change the

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

4. Trying to edit my initial reply. This UI needs some attention. 😄

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

1) Lack of support for Creo direct modeling and drafting- it is a great package- just support it better- or any support

    - lack of meeting ASME Y14.5 standards- we still have to meet the drawing standards so work arounds are time consuming

2) Lack of any type of training at all for Creo direct modeling and drafting-

   - previous owner HP had at least some training-

   - hidden UI - (left click then right click and select with left-) with no training book or info in the help directory, how were we to know these things exist?

3) poor interactivity importing and exporting different files.

  - we are a company with so many other companies absorbed that we need to be able to communicate with other types of files to be efficient- will soon cause us to have a multi cad system just to keep efficient.

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?

  1. More intuitive software. Recommend every PTC (specifically Creo and Windchill) software developer and Product Manager should read either ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ by Don Norman or ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ by Steve Krug.
  2. Windchill Usability (especially with Creo)
    • Creo and Windchill Check in failures should have automatic pop ups
    • Auto Numbering in Creo Parametric – Don’t Consume Numbers Unless Needed
    • Windchill Improved Hover Tooltips and Links to Help Documentation
    • Windchill Change Notice workflow is powerful but difficult to use out of the box - Improve Windchill Change Notice Usability
    • Creo Family Tables have a lot of gaps with Windchill.
    • Option to Auto Collapse Empty Sections in Windchill
    • For CAD Documents, users cannot download PDFs, DWGs, DXFs, STEP right from Windchill search results. Most users do not want to open everything in Creo View.
    • The Autodesk Workgroup manager is difficult to use for AutoCAD files and does not work concurrently with Creo/Windchill being open.
    • Windchill Classification shouldn't require WTParts to classify CAD documents. A lot of companies don’t need WTParts but would benefit from CAD Classification searching. Modifying classification attributes shouldn’t require check out/in.
    • Including Windchill Classification in every Windchill license level would make Windchill more searchable/usable for everyone.
    • Assemblies in Creo/Windchill – modeling in a way the prevents slow assembly performance - especially with heavy use of family tables, difficult to fix bad CAD models once checked into Windchill - especially once files are released, getting users to do where used search in Windchill and update affected assemblies when changing lower level components, prompts to modify lots of files when opening, getting users to follow good practices for external references, using mechanism with assemblies from Windchill require locally modifying files to move components.
  1. Improved Windchill Licensing.
    • The new 2019 licensing is very frustrating. Windchill Base > Windchill Advanced > Windchill Premium + Creo CAD Management has really segmented the functionality in Windchill.
    • Out of the box PTC Navigate Apps/licensing should be able to complete all Windchill Workflow Tasks - otherwise you need both a Navigate and Windchill license. Or include a Navigate licenses with every Windchill license.
    • Add an active daily user (ADU) license for Windchill. Only having named user licenses makes it difficult to deploy Windchill to an entire organization.

Re: What are your top 3 pain points regarding CAD?



1- The application crashes too often
2- Sketches are unstable when there are many features, if we add constraints like the tangeance, everything starts to move even unbound lines
3- The backspace function (CTRL + Z) does not work in many cases
4- Automate model accuracy. Some pieces are failing. By increasing the precision they are no longer (We don't understand)



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