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I am unable to find aPTC post with the following title online.

How to generate a best fit curve Z = aX^bY^c


I could not find it in on this website at all. Could you please send me the link to this post.

Community Manager

Hi @nanay001

Was this in PTC Community or originally?

Thank you,



This was posted in PTC Community.

Community Manager

 I will keep searching @nanay001 - is there any more information you can provide about the article and is that the complete title?

Thank you,


I am not sure but I vaguely remember a post with a similar topic which was posted a few days before the migration from the Jive to the Lithium forum was done.

I think that about week of posts got lost in the process. In "Mathcad Questions" there is a gap between 22th of June and 29th of June and there sure were quite some posts inbetween which now are not showing up.

So chances are that your post is one of those missing posts. Not sure if @Tmetcalf will find a way to recover all those missing posts,

Community Champion

IF someone on the mathcad forum was getting email notification and still has those notifications, it's possible someone will have the post if it was from that infamous time frame. Provided the bulk of the post was text instead of images. Images only came across as a link, not as a visible image in the email.


It looks like there is a problem with one of the links in the eSupport Portal.


Get help with the eSupport portal


It shows 404 page not found.

Thanks, @geva. This is related to the redirect and we are currently working on it.

Dear Tmetcalf,

three or four years ago i posted a question on ptcusercommunity.

The title was: Two wooden plank in a door frame.

There was a little discussion about the problem, ValeryOchkov answered.

Now i looked for the posts again, but I can´t find it in the new

community. Can you tell me, if the content is still online or if it is lost?



> three or four years ago i posted a question on ptcusercommunity.

I guess I remember and Valery posted some animations like the ones attached here.

It must have been around June 2014 in the Mathcad forum.

I was also not able to find that thread

Looks like we lost more posts than just the one week where migration was done - its a shame :-(


BTW, when I look at you profile I don't see any contributions you did. looks like a fresh new account. Did you change yor account?

Can it be that your older account was deleted? But even if thats the case we should still be able to access the threads you created.



Community Champion

It looks like it might have been uploaded as a video.  If so, none of the videos are available yet.  @Tmetcalf has to manually re-upload all of them.




Dear WernerExinger,

The Answers habe been uploaded as a video!

the video you posted was exactely one the videos!

There was also another one yet!

Its true, i didn´t make any contributions to the answer

but my account is not a fresh one, its still the same as it was three years





> If so, none of the videos are available yet.  @Tmetcalf has to manually re-upload all of them.

OMG! I would have expected that some PTC programmer would be able to write the necessary conversion script.

I also noticed that in my groups all video attachments are replaced by a dummy jpg. Maybe the same cause.



If you need the videos and the Mathcad sheet, then open a new question in the Mathcad forum here so I can attach the files.

What I meant was not that you did not answer in that thread way back in 2014 but that your profile looks like you never posted anything in the forum in the past but obviously you did - after all you created that mising question, as you wrote.

Furthermore while the answer may have been created as videos in the Jive forum (as opposed to discussion, documents, ideas,..) the question sure wasn't and should be accessible as discussion, even though Valery might have created some videos and then posted in the question to link to them.