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PTC Community Champions

Community Manager

PTC Community is a place for members to share their product ideas, help others solve problems, and interact with PTC. Along with PTC personnel, I would like to introduce you our Community Champions. These members have been chosen for their extensive product expertise, activity levels within PTC Community, as well as their willingness to share that knowledge to help their peers.



Tom Dirriwachter, David Schenken, Steven Dunker, Brian Martin, Ben Loosli, Stephen Williams, Dale Rosema,

Doug Schaefer


Richard Jackson, Valery Ochkov, Vladimir Nosov, Stuart Bruff


Mike Lockwood, Yogesh Bagul, Tom Uminn, Binesh Kumar, Steve Galayda, Mark DeBower


Thierry Dalon, Matthias Rump


Scott Morris


What does a Champion do?

Champions help to provide answers and stimulate conversations within PTC Community.


Do Champions act as Moderators?

No. Champions are your peers and enjoy sharing their knowledge with fellow community members.


How do I become a Champion?

Champions are chosen based upon their activity, expertise, and conversations. PTC Community Management will annually review community activity and are interested in adding Champions each year.


Community Champions are identifed by this shield on their profiles 30x30_Shield.png