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Embedding pictures got worse!

Ruby II

Embedding pictures got worse!

In changing the design of this forum the way to embed (not attach) picture was dramatically change ti the worse.

Before the change we could see the pic in the editor window and were able to resize it (not the silly large, medium,small option) using the mouse.

Now the picture is not shown in the editor window at all (just the file name) and it looks like we cannot scale it anymore. This was an important feature when embedding screenshots made from a 4K display.

We also don't get a preview of the picture before we chose to add it in the text as we got used to.

Even worse when I open aa already sent post to re-edit it, there is no reference to an embedded picture in the edit window at all. How am I supposed to rearrange or delete an already embedded picture??


Please reenable the old behaviour - it was far away from being comfortable, but the new way is inferior worse.


Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

I'd like to add that the pop-up window for inserting a picture is far too large. On my display the closing/acceptance button is below the lower limit of the screen.

Why can't we just cut a picture to the windows clip-board and paste it into the message?




(Just noticed that Doug also complains about the size of the pop-up here: )

Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

Cut and paste is beyond Lithium's capabilities! But they are trying to get to the 1990's.

Steve Williams
Pro/E Version 15/16 (Circa 1995/1996)

Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

As it happens.... I just tried out to cut and paste a few expressions directly from mathcad as shown here:


and paste them into this message:

Which (while I'm still editing) looks like this (Great !!).


Then I hit the post button, and you can see the result.



Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

As you can see, I get a dumb icon, instead of the picture.


The start is there, but more is needed.

In another occasion I got an error message indicating that the maximum message size (20 000 characters) was exceeded.



Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

I don't know if its a joke and if I should laugh or what.

Changing from Jive to Lithium was a big step backwards and it looks like PTC is not changing the direction - things get even worse.

I also noticed that the new pop up for picture insertion is far to large and I always have to move it up with the mouse to be able to access the insert button.

But embedding a video is even funnier - I am not able to move the popup that far up to be able to access the insert button. I have to zoom out the browser to about 80% to be able to press that button.

I am not sure if they are simply unaware of the problems or if they like playing jokes on us.

I also notice that communication with PTC staff seems to have come to an end here - no reaction to the complaints from their side.

The have collected the bug reports, have sorted them, have ignored most of them (sorry this is not within our scope) and now - silence.

Should we really be happy because of the new menu at the upper left so we can reach all entries now?

Wouldn't more thoughts for a not that flat hierarchy resulting in less entries had been the better way to deal with the problem (its ridiculous that this forum software doesn't scale on its own)?

And why are the entries in the menu that huge! Half the height would be more than enough.


Re: Embedding pictures got worse!



We appreciate all your feedback for improving the community experience. 

1. As you know from being part of the private "PTC Refresh" Working Group, there are a number of projects going on to reorganize the community and enhance the community experience.  You are right.  We do need to be more transparent. Some community members have actually been helping out reviewing our staging and migration servers for some of these fixes.  We don't want to announce fixes until they are ready. Please continue to provide feedback and and continue to check into PTC Refresh group for more specific information.


2.  The "Picture Insert" issue has been submitted to Lithium Technical Support for Review. We had some CSS fixes to fix the text overlapping the template when an image is inserted just recently so let me see what Tech Support says.  And, I am happy to say that after customer demand (and I added my vote on our PTC Community behalf to the Lithium Idea Portal) that finally the ability to "cut" and "paste" has been added for the overall Lithium Roadmap for 2018.  I don't have a date yet, but I am excited about this one! 


3.  Menu:  Work in Progress.  As you know or have seen (being part of the PTC Refresh Group) there is a content remapping project going on.  Some of those entries will disappear for the general user.  The menu will always show also the private groups that any user is part of for easier access.  For some reason, some community members have roles to hundreds of irrelevant groups.  When the group content from those groups are remapped to the new, correct buckets those will go away.


4.  We are listening and collecting feedback while working on implementing project plans and the manual process to move posts to the correct area.  Please keep the information coming. 


We want a positive community experience.  We value everyone's contributions.



Re: Embedding pictures got worse!


Thanks for the reply.
Hope you understand that many of us are not that excited as the features you announce are just a few of the now missing features we were used to for quite some time a year ago before the unfortunate migration from Jive to Lithium. So seen these are not improvements - we are just getting back part of what we  lost because of that migration.
Guess there are no news concerning the attachment of Mathcad/Prime files directly without having to put them in an archive before. Thats a severe bug IMHO.

BTW, I was not aware that I am member in that private group you mentioned and also couldn't find it by a quick glance at the menu.

Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

@Werner_E  Hi, Lithium has a community set up specifically for Jive to Lithium customers.  I do visit that community and share input from what I see here from PTC community members.  I am encouraged because it seems that with a recent Lithium Roadmap call that they are making good on their promise and giving us back some of the functionality that we all miss from Jive.  


The private forums are sometimes "hidden" and do not appear on the menu even for people assigned to roles to be in them..


Mathcad files:  I do not have an update for this.


I have sent you a private message with the link to the private forum.  

Re: Embedding pictures got worse!

@Werner_E wrote:



BTW, I was not aware that I am member in that private group you mentioned and also couldn't find it by a quick glance at the menu.

Once logged in you should see "Private Category" in the side menu.  That's where the Community Refresh group is.

Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works