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Congrats Brian on being a "Hero of the Month"!

22-Sapphire I

Congrats Brian on being a "Hero of the Month"!

I wasn't able to leave a comment in the other area for some reason, but, well, congrats! Definately a worthy Champion!


Thanks! Now I feel the need to do something heroic... like save small children and stop dams from bursting.

But instead of saving small children, I figured I'd try my hand at mentoring them instead. I'm working with my daughter's school to start a FIRST Robotics team. Little did I know I sit about 50 feet down the hall from NASA's FIRST Robotics coordinator... that oughta help get the project off the ground.


As for stopping dams from bursting that reminds me... I drank one of those large (1.5 liter) bottles of water about an hour ago! Before the 'dam' bursts I'd better take a break!

Hah! Well, make sure the dam doesn't burst and flood your keyboard!

Grats Brian,

Well deserved.

Thanks Jakub! You've been progressing through the ranks, too! I keep seeing your name pop up on various threads. Thanks for contributing- keep up the good work!

I wasn't able to leave a comment in the other area too, so... Congrats Brian for your replys and for all the time you spent on helping this community with your knowledge.

Best regards

Hugo Barosa

Thank you Hugo! I really believe in contributing to this site in hopes of attracting new people and growing the community. In my opinion, the greatest source of knowledge about PTC software isn't necessarily PTC- it's the thousands of other customers using the software products each day. Nothing beats the hard-won experience gained through years of working with the software each day to perform productive work.

While this is just my opinion and I can't prove it... I'd bet we could answer questions submitted here faster and more thoroughly than even PTC customer support can. I'm only too happy to contribute what I can to keep this site a thriving, useful resource for everyone.

Thanks again...


Hi Sir


To wish Hero of the month you should join Hero Hall




Hi Kshetrabasi...

I thought the Hero Hall area was reserved only for past winners of the "Hero of the Month" award. Isn't that correct? Maybe that's why some users couldn't post there? Just a thought.



Hi Brian Sir,

Hero Hall is a open group for all who wish to congrat our Heros

Frank Sir is also now a member of this group.




Hey! Check that out. I completely missed that it was an Open Group. Thanks Kshetrabasi!


Congratulate Brain, thank you for your warmly hlep during my hard time


Best regards, Hongjie

Thank you Hongjie... good to see you back!

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