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3D Sketch in part mode

3D Sketch in part mode


Customers are asking 3D sketch in part or assembly mode.

Currently users have to create points or make an intersections of 2 planar sketches ( this method depends on user imagination and it is hard to anticipate  result ) in order to create a basic 3d curve.

On the other hand in piping extention user can create a 3d curve/sketch easily, no time losted and result is perfectly mathes with user expectation.

My question is why software managers do not decide to bring this functioanlity into the part mode, designers commonly use 3D sketches in their daily work.

Thanks in advance for the consideration

Best Regards,



My company switched from Solid Works to Creo per corporate requirement.  We make complex castings and coring is the main feature.  The inability to create 3D sketches has forced us to revert back to SW.  Added this capabilty into Creo would be a HUGE improvement.


3D Sketch is available in NX and solidworks. I think PTC should add 3D Sketch for us. Only 2D sketch is not enough at all


Creo Parametric and Creo Elements/Direct Modeling are two different product. Few users can buy these two products at the same time. I just care Creo Parametric functionality, and never use Creo Elements/Direct Modeling


Use AAX and TDD techniques. Pass just about any position and or geometric data out to any part you need including a 3D curve (made many ways). AAX will provide a single point to make sweeping changes to the entire assembly including your beloved 3D curve. The 3D Curve can be made from multiple 2d sketches, a composite of the 2d sketches,a 3D datum curve, and or using the old pipe command if a tube is what you are after. Try adding points in space either referencing coordinate systems or geometry and use the datum curve command if you do not owns AAX. Be aware of CRC files and the pitfalls of part to part referencing/bottom up techniques. I love Creo, but there is more to know about what not to do than there is learning a technique of how to do something.

I have provided the start for a long journey of discovery if you take the first step.

You don't need to change to SW or NX trust me.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

No immediate plans to implement, rather longer term roadmap item


How about: using Style feature (ISDX license), should you need the ability to guide curve through space freely.


I agree with you, 3d sketch very essential when we want to do fast work in a structure design as well as piping design.

If this feature available then in Piping and framework, We need additional selection option for creating it. Many customer now a days asking to have such a feature. And creo is the only one who remains to implement it.

My question is  very simple that if PTC can take over top leading brand for having great success in emerging technology as compared to other but at least PTC PRODUCT MANAGER should look into this and make our CAD modelling best than other. I know it depends on our perception bit this is the competition and if we want to survive then PTC need to take further steps for it. There are many feature yet to come in Creo but there are lot of feature that no one has it except creo parametric. Who offering best package than other. So again stay tune and join the existing PTC community group for conversation with PTC team.



Hello @mfischer  sir, 

Is it in our roadmap, or what is the expected time to release this capability?

It will really helpful for fast framework, and piping sketch creation.




above statement still holds true - this is currently not in the short-term, but rather longer term roadmap



this can be a good tool to be used in Creo also.

I have several users that came from SolidWorks, NX and they complain this tool does not exist.

This tool can be more efficient end easier to be used in our projects.