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Ability to Find / Search text on drawing (like every other program in existence)

Ability to Find / Search text on drawing (like every other program in existence)

Add ability to search / find text on a drawing.  Thats it!

Some Common Examples:

eg.1. I need to change "Note 2" but want to make sure that if there are view/table/etc references that they still apply (ie. See Note 2).

eg.2: Big drawing with lots of text.  Where does it have that note about welding?  Use find tool to search "Weld".

eg.3: A specific (short) note needs to be updated by deleting and reinserting.  Find tool could be used to select the note with the specific text in it, and give the user the option to delete and reinsert semi-automatically.


More details only if you want to keep reading:

Currently work around is to export the drawing to an external file format (such as pdf), in order to find where text is on a drawing.  Creo is a parametrically driven program and it cannot search the text on the dwg!?!  This is simply unacceptable.  Every other modern program allows for this.  All office programs (Excel, Word, outlook, Powerpoint, database, OneNote, etc), Notepad, VB editor, IE, Chrome, any browser, pdf viewers and editors, Evernote, Window, etc.  Can you IMAGINE any of these programs without the search/find capability?  Creo NEEDS this functionality...and it should be easy low hanging fruit.

I am even embarrassed that I have to write this request down and vote for it.  If you don't mind being embarrassed voting for such a basic tool to be added to Creo, Please vote! And to PTC, we will forgive you if you please add it promptly!  And while you are at it, please look at your software and make these little changes to use common functionality across all related platforms...and without having to be asked!


I still hard to believe we cannot search such a powerful drw for text.  Does anyone know if this is possible in Creo3 or Creo4?


Just opened 4 and I don't see it.


If you use Windchill you can use Windchill "Indexing" to find any text on drawings - but it doesn't tell you where on the drawing that it found the text.


Even though I have been working with ProE/Creo for the past 10 years, this blows my mind how something so basic (and useful) has slipped through the cracks!

Again, Creo truly does the hard & powerful but misses the easy & simple.  Surely this is among the lowest of the low hanging fruit...

Sapphire I

You cannot compare MS Office products to Creo! They store text internally in totally different structures and therefore have different searching capabilities.

What we should be asking for is a WYSIWYG editor that incorporates the search/replace functionality within it.

What we should be asking for is a linked note number so if note 3 becomes note 5, the reference callout updates automatically. Think index in a Word document linked to an Index Table.

Maybe work with MS and figure out a way to make Word the Creo editor.


With all due respect, your answer sounds like it comes from someone who has been beat down by poor functionality for years.  I heard the same argument on this forum about how it was basically impossible for Creo to do text editing correctly, right before Creo3 came out and PTC did an awesome job at it.  The work the PTC team did in Creo3, it seems that we have a WYSIWYG editor.  I have been very happy with my trials of it (though for logistics reasons we are still on Creo2).  Is your experience of Creo3 text editor different?

On the flip side, take the awesome job that PTC did with the Creo Ribbon Command Search.  I don't think it is a stretch to say that any program could do that (and should!  ).  But each program company could say, we are not a CAD system, lets see Creo try and do word processing, or excel (actually we need more table functionality from excel too), or internet browsing, or ...fill in the blank.

I am not sure why you picked MS Products only out of that long list of programs, because I am not comparing to just MS products.  I am comparing to every other program besides Creo.  What programs do you know that cannot find text?  AutoCAD? SolidWorks? PDF?  What is really pathetic is that I can literally take a screenshot of Creo drw paste into OneNote, and get more search functionality dealing with the raw data!  For crying out loud PDMLink can even search dwg content now!   Heck, Model Check already checks these notes for spelling errors and such and not only tells you the note ID but highlights (and can correct) the wrong that is wrong!  All they have to do is move the functionality that is already there into the find tool to allow for a wider use of it.

Kind Regards!


Export the drawing as a pdf. Search in the pdf file works well.


I agree that is a very good workaround.  Put another way, that is the kind of solution that we the users have to do (b/c we don't have another choice), not the kind that the programmers should give us.

The question though is why should we have to export when every other program can do it within their program.  That takes significantly longer than just Ctrl+F.  In addition, if it can be done within the program there is a lot that can be done with mapkeys that would expand mapkey capabilities in perhaps unexpected ways.

This is a good idea. It's not like we are opposed to providing this capability. It just comes down to how does this enhancement rank against all of the other enhancements that we could possibly be doing. I'll make sure it's on the list of things to consider as we plan for future releases.


Provided this was never set in ProE/Wildfire/Creo.




One of the points Lawrence is trying to make in his comments is it should have been there and we shouldn't have had to request it as a feature.

Sure, it should just "be" there, but how does it "get" there? At some point it has to be "put" there.

Even if you're saying that it should have been in the software from Pro/E rev 1 back in the late 80's, it would still have to be explicitly added to the code and something else would not have been done at that time.

It always comes down to tradeoffs and priorities - weighing the opportunity cost of doing one thing against the other things that won't be done if we do that thing...

I also disagree with the notion that you shouldn't have had to request it. How else are we supposed to know what it is that you want, and the relative priorities of those things?

As I said, it's a good idea and it's on the list for consideration in the future. Let's see where it lands.


Fair enough.


Thank you Raphael Nascimento‌!

I understand that the balance you describe is a difficult one, and notably PTC has cleaned up a lot of these outdated areas in recent years.  On the one hand there is the decision of prioritizing the improvements, but there is also the unspoken factor of how much resources actually get allocated to improving Creo...Perhaps PTC allocates nearly all initial cost and maintenance dollars to software development of that product.  Personally I don't know, but the prevailing opinion on this forum that I have seen is that it gets allocated to other aspects of the business or entirely separate PTC products and thus severely limiting available resources for software improvement.

Correct me if I am wrong, but from your reply, I get the sense that there is some deep detachment from the software development Engineers, to Management, to the Customer.  This product idea is not the first time a customer has expressed their opinion/disbelief that the find tool doesn't do its job.  Surely, there should be a mechanism in place to proactively modernize the software and take good functionality from other programs and integrate it...?  Does anyone at PTC use their own software...?  I know the software troubleshooting techs do and it is my experience that there are some who are very experienced and very knowledgeable techs who could probably provide some very good feedback if they were listened to.  If they are not already doing so, maybe the software engineers (and/or others) should do some part time integrated consultant work and model/draft something...  Colloquially, then they would be walking 5 miles in their customers shoes.

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